The Weekly Run-Down: 20

How Far Along: 20 weeks pregnant!

Size of baby: Baby is a banana this week. Hee. Banana.

Random & Interesting Developmental Stuff:  Here's this week's run-down:

Your baby is as happy as a clam in your womb, as his well-developed limbs continue to explore by curling, flexing, and kicking. And as his hair, nails and eyebrows continue to sprout, your fetus is looking remarkably more and more like Mom and Dad every day.

Total Weight Gain: Still putting on, about a half a kilo this past week. I'll weigh in on Friday.

Sleep: I jinxed my good luck: I've had a shocking night's sleep {if any} these last few nights. :(

Symptoms: Stabbing pains in the boobal regions.

Cravings: Not much, actually. I'm thirsty a lot, though.


Movement: I've been playing music to the baby at night, and get lots of rolls and flutters when I do. 

Maternity Clothes: Still more dresses!

Milestones: 20 weeks, baby - halfway there. I'm so ridiculously giddy!

What I'm looking forward to: Hubby is home soon AND we have an OB visit coming up this week.

The belly: Large and in charge. :)

You can catch up on my weekly pregnancy updates {in reverse order} by clicking here. For bump shots - go here!

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Amanda said...

you look sooooo great!!

Our Wired Lives said...

You're looking great. Congrats on reaching the halfway point. Hubs is in for a treat with the nice pregnancy belly you've got.

JB said...

Congrats on being halfway there! You look beautiful :)

Katie said...

You look amazing! I love the pink :)

Kayla said...

Snooping around on Stirrup queens blog/ICLW list and thought I'd leave you a comment...

You look GREAT! I wish I would've embraced my pregnant belly a little more. :)

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