20 weeks + 6 days

There is nothing nicer than seeing the word 'normal' on an ultrasound report, especially after scary ones. :)
We had our OB check-up a few days ago, and all is looking well. He went over the report he was sent from the 19-week morphology scan, and everything in it was pleasantly boring. Baby officially measured 1-day behind gestational age, which is perfect. On all of the rankings, she's average or slightly below average - which he seemed pleased with. I've never been happier to be considered 'normal'. High five, baby girl!

Baby's heartbeat was loud and clear, and he's happy that I've started feeling some soft movements - told me it's common not to feel much until this point onwards in first pregnancies. He's also happy with the 3-4kg weight gain since the beginning, and told me I was doing well and looked great. We don't have another appointment until the New Year, when I'll be 25+4 weeks along.

What we DO have to schedule before Christmas though, is an early Gestational Diabetes test. He mentioned early on in the pregnancy that he'd do mine earlier than most of his patients, due to my PCOS, borderline insulin and Metformin usage. I'm going to have to schedule that in my last week of work. The doctor didn't give me much information on it, but since it's the full 75g tolerance test, I'm assuming it's the 2-hour one? I will ring the clinic this week and ask them to confirm some details - whether I have to fast, if I have to book, blah blah blah.

I have always had trouble managing my sugars {hence being overweight for such a long time} and I'm expecting a positive result. I'm trying to research on the condition already, just in case. I guess we'll see what happens.

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Sweet Mama M said...

That's just fabulous news hun, you must be so happy!! Interesting to know about the gestational diabetes test, I've had insulin-resistant weight gain so I wonder whether (when we're lucky enough to be blessed) I will be the same...

Candace said...

Yay yay yay for being "normal"! I swear, sometimes it's the best word ever to hear. So glad you and baby girl are doing well!

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Yay for NORMAL! That's great!

Good luck with your GD test.

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