21 weeks + 4 days

When you're a teacher, the end of the year is the best time of the year. When you're a pregnant teacher, it's even better than normal! I'm completely shattered. My class of Year 1 kidlets have been great to teach, but they are exhausting - as have been some of the parents. I've never been happier to count down the weeks.

The usual Christmas-time gifts for teachers are chocolates, and lots of them. Now that is NEVER a problem (hello, sugary goodness!) but this year, my students & their families have spoiled me in the form of baby goodies.

There is nothing sweeter than watching the joy on their faces as I open their gifts. They're legitimately excited about this baby already, and we're only halfway there. I'll definitely be popping back for a visit so that they can share in our excitement once the baby is here and healthy, all going well.

Gifts are never expected, but they are most definitely appreciated. Today I received a batch of home-made onesies {stock store outfits, with hand sewn decorations} from one parent/child & a huge hamper of newborn goodies from another. It was the most beautiful gesture! One more week to go... I am so, so ready for the holiday break to begin.

Week 21 has been glorious and uneventful and I'm feeling fantastic. We're going to have a look at nursery furniture and prams/car seats soon - something I've put off, since I felt like it was too early. (Also, all those things are for an ACTUAL BABY.. sometimes I forget that that's the final outcome to this pregnancy. BABY. omg.) Wish us luck!

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Ali @ Not All Dreams Are Free said...

Wow it looks like your baby wardrobe is going to be packed to the rafters! What generous parents you have for your class.

I know what you mean about the 'too early' feeling, as I can't get my head around actually purchasing anything for bub yet - but I'm glad you're finally reaching that point. It's a BIG step!

Teacher Anonymous said...

Don't forget about you baby shower! Figure out what you'd like, but hold off on the big purchases. Especially for a first grandchild, I've found family members often like to get the big stuff (sometimes as a group).

As for strollers, think big wheels and remember that you'll have an additional 10-30 lbs of person in there, plus gear, when you're actually using it. I had the standard Gracco sort (tiny wheels) which was a pain to push. Later on I took over the BOB my parents bought, which was way easier to push and felt lighter (even though it is 5 lbs heavier).

Teacher Anonymous said...

The BOB, being a jogging stroller, has big, inflatable wheels and suspension.

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