22 weeks & a Glucose Tolerance Test

Huzzah for 22 weeks! I still love checking off these weeks, it makes me feel like we're actually getting somewhere.

This morning I went through my first Glucose Tolerance Test - the full one, not the screener. If you're wondering why I did it so early {as opposed to the usual 24-28 weeks} it's because my OB is being extra cautious about me developing Gestational Diabetes. Some, but not all, women with PCOS also have insulin resistance. I don't have it, but I've always been 'borderline' - hence being on Metformin for years & continuing it throughout this pregnancy.

Multiple blood tests have never been my cup of tea, but after IVF, they don't phase me as much anymore. I checked in {with the world's wimpiest urine sample - seriously, I have the most ridiculously shy bladder} and they checked for sugars - none there, so all good. They also took a fasting blood sample, and then explained the test to me.

The glucose drink wasn't too bad - it was clear, mostly tasteless & reminded me of flat lemonade. The nurse told me that it was usual to feel nauseous or sleepy after it, but I felt mostly ok - just bored. A few hours & vials of blood later, and it was all over. Eating after having fasted for 15+ hours was an incredible feeling.

I won't find out the results for a few weeks, due to the Christmas holidays - unless I test positive, in which case I'm assuming I'll hear sooner rather than later. I'm kind of expecting to fail it, but I suppose you never know...

I celebrated getting through the test without puking or keeling over, in the form of baby clothes shopping!

Oh, this girl, I am SO looking forward to meeting her & having her in my arms. If it means I have to self inject with insulin, or completely change my lifestyle to have her here healthy, I'll do all that and then some. :)

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