24 weeks + 3 days

I'm pretty sure that my pets are trying to prepare me for motherhood.

I've always said that my fur-babies are technically my 'first' babies. I've raised all of them from when they were wee ones, and I've loved them from the moment I laid eyes on them. Yes, that love might see trivial to people who have kids already {& yes, I'm sure my own heart will explode when our little human-bub arrives} but my animals will always be my loves. I have room in my warm and fuzzy places for ALL of my babies.

Today was our annual vet visit for the kitties. Oscar and Evie are only indoor cats, so people think I'm weird for getting their vaccinations each year.. but it makes me feel better knowing they're at least getting a good once-over from our vet at that time, too. This morning, Oscar yowled the entire way to the vet, and even Evie {who's usually completely silent - mute kitty} was squawking away with him.

Of course the second we arrived at the vet, both stopped their wailing & put on their best smug kitty faces, with the nurses making a big fuss about them both. Oscar still weighs a hefty 5kg, but Evie surprised us all - she's so tiny and fragile, but she's up to 4.2kg! Little sneak! :)

After the check-up and the vaccinations were complete, I noticed that Evie's carry case was a little, er, on the wafty side. I assumed she just wasn't happy after having her butt violated from that nasty thermometer, so set them both down on the waiting room chairs to pay up. As I lifted them, Evie had left a lovely little pee puddle on the seat - whoops! Thank goodness she's cute. The nurses fixed it up, and I had a spare towel in the car, so all was ok... until we were on the way home and the cat-crescendo started up again.

Not soon enough, I drove back home - only to find that not only had she peed all over her blanket, she'd also left me another surprise present.. which she then rolled over into during transit. What does that mean? SPONGE BATHS FOR EVERYONE... including this kitty-mama right here. Joy!

See? They're totally getting me ready for public outings with a newborn. Screaming, tears, charming the pants off everyone in sight, then potty disasters, outfit changes & oh so many baths. I think I can do this.

And on another side-note? I rang today to chase up my Glucose Tolerance Test results - and I passed!!!! Apparently for the 3-hour test here, they do a rating of up to 8. Anything >8 is considered high risk for Gestational Diabetes, and I was down in the 5-6 range. So ridiculously pleased. I'm fairly sure I'll have to do another test later on in the pregnancy to double check, but we'll fight that battle when we come to it.

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Victoria said...

haha! That is too funny! By the time baby gets here, you will be fully prepared! :)

Lisa said...

How could you be mad at those faces? So adorable!

Mrs. Higrens said...

Congrats on passing the diabetes test with flying colors!

K said...

Look at them, sitting there all smug. Silly critters!

Audrey said...

As a mom to fur babies and a human baby, I totally get it. The furry ones are family, too!

I'll never forget the time that Ben decided to roll around in a pile of his own, uh, droppings in the yard. He went straight to the bath tub, but then when he was all wet (but FAR from clean), he shook. And the poo flew ALL OVER the bathroom. It. Was. Awful. (The good news is I have yet to experience anything on that level of grossness with the non-furry baby.)

Ali @ Not All Dreams Are Free said...

Gorgeous kitties, and a funny story too! Congrats on passing the diabetes test, that's just one more hurdle you can tick off for this pregnancy. You're doing so well and hopefully those little worry hiccups near the beginning are far behind you :-)

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