The Weekly Run-Down: 26

How Far Along: 26 weeks + 2 days pregnant.

Size of baby: The baby is as big as a ball of lettuce this week, or as long as a cucumber - psh, longer, I'd say.

Random & Interesting Developmental Stuff:  Here's this week's run-down:

Your baby has settled into a distinct sleep-wake pattern. You may notice that sometimes she's very active and kicking or punching, and other times she sleeps. If you're lucky, these patterns will mimic yours.

Total Weight Gain: I'm up a total of around 6-7kg, depending on which scales I'm on.
Sleep: Getting a little better, dare I admit? I'm still up to pee at least once a night, but I get back to sleep okay.

Symptoms: The back pain has stuck around, and I've had a LOT more tightening-style contractions or ligament stretches. I seriously think baby is sitting on top of my bladder {she was way down low at the scan} because I literally cannot stop peeing. Even when I've just used the loo, I feel like I need to visit it again. Crazy!

Cravings: Ice-cream with white chocolate ice-magic. Oh yes. And bananas. I'm back to the bananas.

Gender: This week's ultrasound says she is STILL a girl!!!! Can I start believing it yet?! :)

Movement: Baby girl is getting stronger and stronger. She still prefers night-time activity, and I love it.

Maternity Clothes: Stretchy skirts and singlet tops - hot, hot, hot Aussie weather this week.

Milestones: Having a 'perfectly boring' pregnancy, seeing baby girl on the 3D ultrasound, feeling good!

What I'm looking forward to: Things are quiet on the baby front for a little while now - no more scans or appointments until February. I'm hoping to spend some more time organising her nursery, and maybe starting to do some laundry for her newborn and 0-3 month size clothing piles. 

The belly: When I see it in pictures, it doesn't look any different - seriously, I feel like it's been this big since week 18!! But in person, I feel a LOT more out in front this week. I don't know; you tell me!
You can catch up on my weekly pregnancy updates {in reverse order} by clicking here. For bump shots - go here!

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Sarah said...

yes! ive said this before but i do feel like youve popped some more this week! eeeep!

JB said...

You look so darn cute! I love it. Glad you have an active baby on your hands! Such a great feeling. I remember that I had trouble sleeping between 22 and 26 weeks and then it got soooo much better. Until 34 weeks and now I'm not sure I sleep anymore :)

L said...

You are glowing in these pictures, can't believe how fast it's going!!

dspence said...

Too cute! You look great!

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