25 weeks + 6 days

It's been a busy few days around here. It started with a routine OB visit on Friday, where I was told that I was having a perfectly 'boring' pregnancy. That news was quite honestly music to my ears. The baby is measuring at a good average, my blood pressure hasn't raised any (yay!) and the heartbeat was beautiful. He also told me that I passed my GTT with flying colours, but that I do still need to have a follow-up 3 hour test in a few weeks time, just to be on the safe side. I'm not particularly pleased with having to do the test again, but I'd rather know in advance.
You might remember that I've been having some terrible back pain for the last few weeks? It was quite bad on Saturday night, so I turned the puppy dog eyes on hubby & asked if he'd give me a back rub. He obliged, and as I rolled away from him, I had the most awful pains start up. They went from my back, round my right side and locked my stomach up completely. It felt like my uterus was not only tightening, but actually squeezing - everything seized up and it was agony. 
I'm not sure who was more frightened, me or hubby. I was scared I was going into pre-term labour; he was scared because he didn't have a clue what to do or say to help. It lasted a few minutes before the pain eased and I was able to lie down and relax. The consensus is that it was a back spasm & a particularly nasty braxton hicks contraction, but since it was a one-off, I'm not too worried. Crazy pain though, man. Crazy! (It wasn't that it was unbearable, it's just that I wasn't expecting things to hurt quite like that at 26-weeks.)
We also started playing around with the nursery a little this weekend, too. We have a lovely wall-wide window along one side of the room, which lets in stacks of light - but looks silly with things in front of it. Another wall is totally taken up by the built-in wardrobe. That leaves us two empty spaces. We've decorated the first one with just the crib and the rocking chair {as you can see in the picture} - but the blank wall is where it's a little trickier. I can't seem to get the furniture to work! We have a chest of drawers, a change table & an Ikea 2x4 expedit bookshelf - which we can turn either longways or standing tall. They're all slightly different heights, which is making this type-A planner a little bit twitchy. What would you do?

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Novella said...

That kind of OB visit must be super reliving, glad things are going well.
Can the drawers sit inside the walk in robe? It's something I've sern done in the past. Maybe then the other side would more symmetrical... You could swap the chair to the other side of the window and put the change table where the chair is...I don't know just writing very thought that is in my head ;-)

Novella said...

seen* not sern

Novella said...

and every* not very - I'm on a roll!!

Jen said...

Round ligament pain maybe? If I roll over quickly or suddenly, I get a sudden, ripping pain at the side of my belly and have to stay still until it goes. I was definitely having BH by 26 weeks with Caitlin, I freaked out at first.

terra said...

Glad to hear everything is going well, lady!

dspence said...

I would play with accessories (lamps, decorative accessories, wall shelves, art) to make them appear the same height.

Glad you're feeling better!

Teacher Anonymous said...

The window looks high enough that you might be able to do the expedit long-way in front of it. Alternately, post a picture of the wall and offending furniture so that we can get a better idea of the height disparities.

Emily said...

I'm not sure how big the room is, or how set you are on having the crib and rocker right next to each other. I'd slide the crib closer to the window, put the rocker on the other side & possibly the expedit below the window like Teacher A suggested. Then I'd put either the changing table or the dresser beside the crib (probably changing) and the other item near the rocker on the far side, which space for a basket of toys or books next to the rocker for entertainment while rocking.

Good luck!

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