27.5 weeks & ANOTHER Glucose Tolerance Test

As I write this, baby girl is jumping around in my belly - it's as if she is remembering the sugary liquid breakfast we had the other day, and is squirming with me in sympathy!

I had my second Glucose Tolerance Test {the long one} this week, as per the OB's orders. You might remember I had an earlier GTT at 22 weeks, since I was at a higher risk for gestational diabetes due to my PCOS, Metformin use, borderline insulin resistance & as I was overweight to begin with. I passed that one, but was told that it would still be useful to do a repeat test at the usual time, just in case it developed later along in the pregnancy.

I still get nervous before all things pregnancy/test related, so I found myself chewing my fingernails off the night before and worrying about failing this time around. On the morning of the test, my stomach was churning and I didn't get the best pathologist - she was one of those 'dig in and root around for a vein' girls, my least favourite kind.

During the first hour, I felt really nauseous. I felt nothing but bored during the first test, yet this time I was worried about being able to keep the drink down. It calmed down after that hour was over, but I still felt a bit 'off' during the whole test. Getting food into my belly afterwards helped and I felt much better. {You should see the bruises on my arms though, after all the blood draws. Ouch!}

Now, typically, I'm paranoid that I've failed because my body reacted so differently between the 22-week and 27-week test, even with the exact same flavour drink & fasting diet. I'm still partially resigned to the fact that I won't pass, but I'll admit, I'll be disappointed if that happens. Passing the earlier one was such a relief; my body was actually doing something right for a change! I suppose we'll have a few more weeks now to wait and see what the results say, as I have an OB's appointment in a fortnight. If the results are bad, they'll ring me to let me know.

Has anyone else had to do the test twice {or even in separate pregnancies} and felt different both times?

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Punch Blogger said...

Hello from ICLW!
YES! I tested twice with my last pregnancy and it was different both times. I failed both. This pregnancy they started testing me early because I had GD last time, I failed the first miserably but passed the longer one. I will have to test again later in the pregnancy too. I agree that it seems weird for them to feel so different, I guess that's just our bodies way of processing all the sugar. Good luck, I hope you pass with failing colors!! If you don't, don't worry either - it may be scary to hear you failed but it's totally manageable. You adapt and make it work so just try not to stress yourself!!

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