Our Girl in 3D

We had an elective 26-week scan today. Since hubby has been working or overseas during every medical scan so far in this pregnancy, I bought him a private scan as part of his Christmas present. I booked it this week on purpose, to let baby girl plump up a bit; they say the best time to capture their faces are between 25-32 weeks.

As predicted {and like at every other scan I've had in this pregnancy} baby girl was NOT going to make it easy for us. She had her face smooshed right up into the placenta, and was hiding from the doppler. The sonographer tried to get her to move for us, but she was wedged right in there & wasn't playing ball. Like last time, we headed outside to go for a walk & grab some sugary refreshments, to try and encourage her to move a little bit.

Oh, we got movement alright - just in the other direction! She flipped sides, giving us just a peek of her pretty face.

She had her hands & her feet (!!) up and around her face for the entire time we were scanning. That meant we didn't get the picture perfect full-frontal face shot, but we got some really sweet stills of her all the same. BABY FEET!

We also got to see her opening & closing her mouth AND open her eyes for the first time - totally adorable. She had her fingers in her mouth a few times {and was trying to reach her toes} and even spent time licking her hands. 

I think this girl is going to be a tall one, like her daddy. She has gorgeous long legs and sweet little feet. :)

We had a few bonus gawkers with us at the scan today. My mum came along again, and brought along my nan {who has breast cancer & hasn't been well lately - so this was a treat for her} and MIL. Seeing this baby being so stubborn and with SO much personality already, had all of us laughing. It was a fun morning.

She also flipped us the bird as we were finishing up, which I'm assuming means we're done with scans now. ;)

I am SO excited for April to hurry up and get here, because I can't wait to snuggle our cheeky little lady in person!

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terra said...

So amazing how much of her sweet features you can already see! What an awesome treat to see her be so adorable!

~Mummy~ said...

I'm still trying to work out how that disembodied foot gets to where it is in front of her face

she's so sweet !!!!!!!!!!!!

M said...

Beautiful pics :)

Mrs. Higrens said...

I love how ultrasounds and early infant pictures so often show a flipped bird. Not to discourage you, but in my experience, the stubborn in womb does not change once out of womb. Just try to think of it as a good trait for being able to stand up for herself in the future. :) Cheeky little buggers.

Sarah said...

i love these pictures!!! it is so adorable how much you can see, and she gave you such a show of her personality!! omgosh. i love!

L said...

What a sweet present for your hubby. Love that face, isn't it amazing that that little one is growing inside of you!!

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