24 weeks + 5 days

I am in major nesting mode right now... and I can't do anything about it!!

We ordered our nursery furniture in the form of a package from an eBay company - not second hand, but brand new, in flat-packs ready to assemble. Other than a few days of back & forth emails with the freight company, we received the items quickly and were happy with the quality - lovely dark brown timber & sturdy once assembled.
This is what the set is supposed to look like... you know, if we could actually assemble it the proper way.
The first thing we assembled was the change table, which I snapped a picture of in a collage from a few posts ago - and it's gorgeous. The drawers were next, and apart from adjusting some of the drawers to get a smoother slide, they also turned out really well. The crib looks amazing {I'm in love with the curved sleigh arms}, but when we went to assemble it, the screw holes in the back piece & the two arms don't measure up - there was a good inch's worth of discrepancy between them. 
I was a bit annoyed, but not too worried - we've had similar things happen before when assembling flat-pack furniture - bits missing, or not measuring up. I contacted the seller & asked him for a replacement crib/parts. This was before Christmas, so that meant sitting on our hands over the holiday period. The seller wrote back and said he would arrange delivery of new parts, and it would occur as soon as his freight company was open in the new year. We received a consignment notice earlier this week, telling us that it would be dispatched on January 3rd, and delivered January 4th - perfect. Hubby worked from home so that he could be here to accept the delivery.
Well.... it never came.
I was so cranky. Like, ridiculously cranky. All I want to do is start setting up this nursery {especially while I'm feeling perky and well and ready to go} & the most important piece is still missing in action. I originally let loose on the freight company - but they then let us know that the parts were never delivered to them in the first place. It's a bit hard to deliver the goods when the goods aren't there! So guess who the fault lies with... again? That darned eBay furniture store. 
So now, we wait. More furious correspondence has been sent, another weekend will go by without touching the nursery, and I have to sit on my hands & twiddle my thumbs while I wait to see what response this guy will come back with. It's a shame too, because the actual furniture itself is lovely - it's the hassles we've gone through to get it replaced, that have caused so much grief. Wish me luck that it's resolved speedily, won't you?
Oh, and to make myself feel better, I bought a rocking chair for the nursery today - which will no doubt arrive here before the bloody crib does! With the way my back has been paining lately, it can't get here soon enough!

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Lisa said...

The furniture is so adorable! Looks good.

Cassie Dash said...

Love the furniture, though I know it can be a pain to put it all together. We actually have the exact same chair in our nursery. Hope you like it! We do. :)

Ali @ Not All Dreams Are Free said...

What a hassle with that furniture issue! And it always goes pear-shaped over the Christmas/New Year period. I totally understand your urgency wanting to get this sorted before school goes back too. It all will look fantastic once its all made up :-)

Novella said...

The rocking chair is beautiful - it's my dream to have something like that one day. Hope the company stops causing you grief and they sort themselves out soon xox

JB said...

Love the furniture! We have almost the exact same glider. I remember feeling the same way about our nursery. Now that it's done I need a new obsession!

L said...

Isn't it scary how much you can obsess over the nursery??? I spent the last two months obsessing and now that it is done I don't know what to do with myself!! love the furniture :)

Shoshanah said...

I love the dark wood! In general, that's what we try to decorate with, so I think that these pieces would fit it great with out home. Not that we're planning on having a baby, anytime soon, but still... That is a bummer that the pieces don't fit together, but hopefully they're able to get it figured out soon!

CBrain said...

I'm making the most of school holidays as well....but we are moving in Feb so no fun toys for me....they got put on layby yesterday so we don't have to move them....still hunting down drawers/change table.

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

Love your nursery furniture. So cute.

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