Sixteen Months

This month has been quiet. I've been feeling the early pregnancy tiredness kicking in more than ever, and so we've been staying fairly close to home. She's still not walking, but we're doing lots of practise exercises with her.

This month Georgia has:
  • Stayed in size 1 clothes, and is quite comfortable in them. She's starting to fill them out a little more now.
  • Weighed in (roughly) on our scales at around 10.7kg. Growing beautifully! Getting so big.
  • Been crawling, standing, and cruising around all over the place. 
  • Managed to stand on her own for very short periods of time, before losing her balance. We're working on it!
  • Started getting a bit more confident when walking with us, holding our hands. She'll still crumple if and when she has had enough/is tired/doesn't want to do it anymore. Miss Georgia has been stubborn from the very beginning!
  • Begun feeling much happier and more comfortable with new people. She crawls over and sits up with her hands in the air {Up!} and wants them to pick her up and carry her around. Little flirt!
  • Started saying some more words a bit clearer. Mama, Dad, and more recently Georgia! Too cute.
  • Trialled being in a forward facing car seat for ONE journey in a friend's car - and loved is so much that she promptly fell asleep. She'll still be rear facing in our cars for a little while longer, although it's getting really tricky to get her in and out now that she's getting taller.
  • Had her first trip into Darling Harbour in Sydney and was really well behaved - until the food ran out!!
You can see all of Georgia's monthly pictures by clicking here.

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Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

Awe! Happy 16 months to your sweet girl.

Emilie said...

How is she possibly 16 months old? I feel like you were just posting belly pictures last week!

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