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Another week is flying by, and there isn't much to report on the baby-making front. I have tumbleweeds blowing around my lady-parts right now, if all the temping and ovulation testing tells me anything. I'm still vaguely hopeful that something will happen in the next few weeks.. but either way, it's now been over a month of wasted TTC time, with no end in sight.
A lot of people tell me this is good, that I can mourn the baby that we lost while we 'wait'. I think what they don't understand is that we won't ever stop missing that pregnancy, that person; it certainly doesn't have a time frame on it. And anyone who tells me that waiting is a good thing... well, they've obviously never had a problem with conceiving before. It's one of the very worst things that anyone could say to me right now.
My FS rang me yesterday to touch base. She'd originally told me I likely miscarried due to my PCOS, so I had sent her a copy of the genetic testing to show her otherwise. She is going to send J & I forms to have genetic testing done ourselves, to make sure we aren't carriers for any problems; though she admitted it was very likely to have just been a one-off problem at the moment of conception with our son. I'd still like it done all the same, just for some peace of mind. She also still recommends using our last frozen embryo before we try anything else, because I was younger then than I was now. Sigh. Just another thing to stress about. Older eggs as WELL as dodgy ones.
In other news... Miss Georgia is starting to walk a lot more! What started out as a few steps here and there if we propped her up on her feet and got her started, has turned into her getting up off the ground on her own and walking across the room. It's completely gorgeous to watch and I am so, so proud of her. She still reverts to crawling when she's in a rush, but it's a huge developmental leap for her. All of the GP's said nothing to worry about until 18 months... looks like she's literally just a few weeks in front of that time frame. All in her own time, my stubborn wee girl. 
Seriously though, I am constantly amazed at this beautiful and clever little girl. The personality that I can already see shining through, her gentle nature with the cats and the dog, the way she figures things out in her own way. Add a perfectly sweet face to all of that and man, we got lucky in the kid department. Her hair is growing so long all of a sudden, though she still won't tolerate clips - it's a ponytail or nothing. Her eyes are still blue, and her skin quite fair. I love watching her grow up.

Pulling out grass and letting it fall back to the ground - loads of fun!

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Kato Potato said...

Aww. Throughout all this, I'm happy you have Georgia. The unending waiting sounds so incredibly frustrating. Crossing my fingers that the tumbleweeds simmer down and normalize!

Unknown said...


Hope4babyover40 said...

What a beautiful little girl! I can't imagine how frustrating this time must be, but I'm so pleased you have her to help you through. There are wonderful times ahead for you all xx

TwoPlusOne said...

I can comment now (yay), not sure what happened last time.
Just wanted to say that I feel you. We've had enough of testing of our patience! I keep you in my thoughts and will continuing hoping for either the time to whizz through, or for our bodies to cooperate a bit better..

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