Seventeen Months

And just like that, as if the last few months were just a blur, we're back to being our little family of three. I am so, so thankful for my seventeen month old cheeky monkey; without her, I don't know how we'd have gotten through.

My girl is getting so much taller now.. poor Teddy!
This month Georgia has:
  • Remained a perfect size 1, and continues to hate wearing socks or shoes. Seriously, is there a trick to this?
  • Stayed a similar weight, getting closer to 11kg and 77cm tall. She looks even taller than that, I think she's had another growth spurt in the last week or so.
  • Begun the process of dropping down to one day nap - noooooooooo! Mama is missing that afternoon sleep. :(
  • Started cutting her missing four eye teeth. One's cut, one's bulging, and the top two are lurking for now.
  • Stood on her own every now and again, and surprised us by getting from all fours into a stand by herself!
  • Walked well holding on to everybody's hands - and now does squats up and down. 
  • Begun to knee-walk to get to places. It looks so uncomfortable but we are all getting excited watching the new things she's trying out. 
  • TAKEN HER FIRST STEPS! Most exciting thing ever. She'll do a little bit of walking each day.
This is little miss independent - decided she'd take herself up to her bedroom for photos!
  • Chattered up a storm, though we still can't understand half of what she's babbling about. Too cute!
  • She's also mastered going up the staircase (gives me a heart attack but she's pretty confident.)
  • Says UH OH! Cutest thing ever.
  • Remained rear facing, but is getting harder and harder to stay still in her car seat. Nearly time for turning, I think.
  • Been such a beautiful and happy girl for us, and has made us smile every single day.
You can see all of Georgia's monthly pictures by clicking here.

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Janet said...

She is so gorgeous! She looks like a wise soul. And I love that spunky ponytail!

Non Sequitur Chica said...

She is getting so big!!

Here in the US they don't advise turning the car seat until at least two years old.

Anna said...

Gosh, she's looking so grown up now! I can't believe she's nearly a year and a half old!

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