Reports & Frustration

We received the report back from the lab today - telling us what we already knew: a male fetus with Trisomy 21. So weird seeing it on paper, from the Children's Hospital pathology labs. Unfortunately, the report didn't say much more than that: a full trisomy. It doesn't specify if it was a one-off chromosomal mix up, or a translocation where the parents' genetics are involved. I've sent it off to my IVF specialist, to see what she recommends.

As for us, well, we haven't really got much to report. I haven't had a cycle, or even ovulated yet, so we can't even move forward with our last frozen embryo transfer cycle until that happens. The waiting around is really frustrating. Every time another day goes by, I realise how late it is in the year - and that our chances of falling pregnant in 2014 again are slim to none. Instead of having a baby in 2015, I fear we'll still be trying. :(
And this is how I feel about that:
My poor, teething baby girl. 

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Sarah said...

:( i am with you. the waiting game is the pits.
hoping for a great outcome girl! xxo

Emilie said...

Even though I've never been through what you are going through, I can understand how frustrating it is to wait for something you want SO badly. Life is just not fair sometimes. It sucks. I truly hope things move along for you soon. You don't deserve this waiting game at all. Big hugs to you!

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