You and Me: The Earlybird Bride

The dress was on. The veil was in, albeit roughly. The girls were dressed. It was time to go. But was it? You see, this my friends, is where bride brain kicked in.

Instead of relaxing and taking some portrait shots with the girls, I was busy worrying about being late. I forgot to take a moment to drink our champagne, even though I'd made sure we had glasses and bubbly ready to go. I didn't even think to grab our props, the ones I'd specifically bought to use with my bridal party in pictures. If I had one regret about the morning of our wedding day, it would be not taking the time to breathe and remember that there was no need to rush. I was a bride: people would wait for me.

The only close-up picture of me prior to the wedding, taken by MOH Miss K.
But alas, I am the most time conscious person on the planet, so we left. Early. In that haste, I didn't have any bridal portraits taken, nor did I get any photographs with my bridesmaids - both of which I'm really disappointed about and could kick myself over, looking back in hindsight. Friends, be ye not so stupid. RELAX.

We left not without a little excitement though, as my Maid of Honour spectacularly fell over her own feet and crumpled in a heap on the doorstep of our hotel room. This picture makes me laugh - if you use your imagination (or zoom in on your computer) you can see her on the floor, while I look on, unable to bend in my mermaid gown, while my bridesmaids helped to hoist her up. Turns out this was the first of many stumbles to be had on the day!

See how awesome the hotel lobby was? Wish I'd taken some pictures with the girls here.

Getting to the church was surreal. I remember...
  • Sitting really, really awkwardly in the car - bending in a mermaid gown is ridiculously hard
  • Trying not to move my head, in fear of causing my veil to fall out of my hair
  • Cars honking their horns and lots of waving passengers when they saw the bride!
  • Realising that I'd completely forgotten to have our photographer take a picture of the beautiful gift Jason had given me.
  • Being really, really worried that I wouldn't be at the church on time.
Speaking of that gift - Jase had bought me a gorgeous card along with a necklace - the most beautiful white gold and diamond pendant on a dainty silver chain. I wasn't planning on wearing a necklace on the wedding day, but it was so perfect that I couldn't not wear it.

While we were on our way to the church, Jase and the boys had already arrived. Our florist had decorated the first few pews with some simple babys breath bouquets and the church was as beautiful as ever.

The boys handed out programs and greeted guests as they arrived at the church.

The string trio we had booked set themselves up and started playing classical music.
Our parents made their way into the church, while the boys got comfortable waiting for us.
In the meantime, my girls and I had arrived... dead on time. 2pm. On the dot.

Unfortunately, just because I was on time? Didn't mean the rest of our guests were. To my horror, there were loads of friends and family members still slowly making their way inside the church - and there I was, sitting in full view! I got nervous then and made my lovely bridesmaids act as human shields for me, as well as hiding behind my bouquet.

But in a few minutes... Father Christopher was on his way to see if we were ready.
A little bit of veil adjusting...

Right everyone... let's go get married!
All photographs by the team at Follan Photography unless otherwise noted.

Let's start at the very beginning - it's a very good place to start.

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Jane said...

What a beautiful recount of your special day! Lots of great photos too! I'm worried that when it comes time for me to get married, I'll be the first one to arrive... I am always too damn punctual! xxx

Fuzzy Cert said...

That fall screwed me up for the rest of the day, Incidentally.
I love that my iphone photos are making an appearance. I RULE AS MOH!

terra said...

I'm a spaz about time as well. I'm the person who shows up thirty minutes to a job interview and then waits awkwardly in the car willing time to go faster. Being late is my absolute worst fear.

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