You and Me: Suit Up!

The boys didn't purchase their suits for our wedding, they hired them. This seems to go against most of the trends in wedding world right now, but all of the groomsmen agreed that they didn't particularly need another suit, so this option worked perfectly for us.

Having not been there to see the guys getting ready, seeing these photographs gave me a serious case of the warm and fuzzies. The boys all helped each other getting dressed, and seemed to be having fun while doing it!

Have I mentioned how gorgeous Jason looked in his suit? The hubs scrubbed up pretty darn good on the wedding day, if I may say. Legend.. wait for it.. dary. (Oh yes, I went there.)

Turns out that pinning on button-holes can be hard work. Check out all of those looks of utter concentration. Priceless!

With suits on and everyone looking dapper, the boys indulged in a few champagne toasts...

... before heading outside for some family and group shots.

Jase personalised the groomsmen's suits by gifting them individual ties and cuff-links in shades of grey.
Token suit picture of my hubby coming right up... oh wait, that might just be for me. :)

After their leisurely morning, Jase and the boys jumped into their sweet ride - my dad's convertible Mustang - and headed to the church.

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Fuzzy Cert said...

I can't believe we didn't have champagne toasts!!!

we all suck at weddings.

Anonymous said...

Wow... I think I can guess which groomsman Jason is related to!

I think renting suits is pretty common over here... I know my friend did it (but those suits were fugly, yours look amaze).

terra said...

The guys all look so great in their suits! And I love the idea of personalizing the suits with different ties - it's a nice, subtle touch.

Karen said...

They all look great! And thanks for answering the question I've been having since I first saw your wedding pics (whose Mustang is that?). :)

audrey said...

Who doesn't love a man in a suit?

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