You and Me: Bride Gets Beautified

I was the last to get made up on the morning of my wedding day. I liked the idea of lazing about and watching everyone else get beautified - though looking back, I almost wish I'd gone first. Even though the morning began in a laid back and relaxing fashion, time quickly started disappearing. It was time to get my face on.

Jenny began lightly airbrushing my foundation on (which we had used in my trial, previously and loved) - but we had barely started when we had a visitor to the hotel room. The flowers had arrived! That was met with crazy clapping and much excitement on my part, I couldn't wait to see how beautiful they looked.

If you remember my previous blog about flowers, you might recall that other than sending a few inspiration pictures over, I'd given our florist free reign to create bouquets and centrepieces based on whatever flowers were in season in our colour palette.

I could not be happier with my flowers. Seriously, I wouldn't have changed a single thing. I mean, check out my awesome bouquet! It had the most gorgeous greenery, it was just the right size, and it had the perfect splash of antique pink roses thrown in it for good measure.
I could go on and on about how wonderful my flowers were (have I mentioned that they were perfect?) but I'll leave you with one more for good measure before I carry on. Can you spot anything Weddingbee related tucked in amongst the blooms?

I reluctantly left the flowers and headed back to the make-up chair, where Jenny continued making me over.

For someone who doesn't wear make-up, I really loved how it turned out on the wedding day. It was the perfect amount for me, with beautiful long lashes and nice pale lips. I wish I could be made over every day!

With the make-up on, it was time to get going with the hair - and time just kept rushing by, quicker than ever.

Now was about the time I started to get nervous and decide that I'd run out of time to get ready. Even before my hair was finished, I asked my Maid of Honour to start handing me jewellery so I could get busy multi-tasking.
The final touches went into my hair, with lots of spray and my ivory flowers.
All preparations aside.. it was time to get the dress on!
All photographs by the team at Follan Photography unless otherwise noted.
Let's start at the very beginning - it's a very good place to start.

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Emily Jane said...

Your eye makeup is to die for!! Gorgeous :)

Janet said...

you know I love the bride side pony!! :) But yeah, that eyeshadow is amazing. Want, please!

Emilie said...

I loved your flowers too! I think it's so neat that you didn't know what you were getting. I also wish I could get made over everyday. Le sigh.

heidikins said...

Gorgeous, as always!!


terra said...

That eye make up is absolutely amazing! And the hair - and the flowers! It's all so beautiful!

Kira said...

Are you seriously not wearing any makeup in that first picture?? You are so beautiful!!

audrey said...

AAAHHHH! I almost wish I'd waited to get caught up with your blog until you'd finished the wedding recaps. Now I'm DYING to read the next post!

The flowers were one of my favorite parts of my wedding, too. I cried when I saw them because they were just so perfect. Yours look incredible!

Karen said...

Loving the eye makeup. And the hair. And the flowers. :) You are so gorgeous, Aly.

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