16 weeks + 4 days

What a week!

I can't believe that only a few short days ago, I saw my perfect, willy-less little baby on the ultrasound screen - it feels like ages ago. I'll admit, the shock of finding out that it was a girl actually took a few days to sink in, but now I can't imagine her being anything else. {I'm going to laugh hysterically if we find out that things have, er, 'dropped' in the lady-parts department at the 19-week morphology scan!}
Time has been flying since Jase has been away, but it's also standing still. I've bought a little handful of baby goodies, but nothing major - just practical stuff, and some cute bits and bobs. 
School has been horrible. Hot weather, sick kids, you name it, it's happened. Just today I had to send a child in my class home with suspected chicken pox - when we rang the parents, turns out they had been 'worried he would have it' as his younger sister is off sick with it. We've also had head lice, head colds, and a whole slew of mystery lurgies being passed around. This baby is hopefully going to be born with a strong immune system... unlike her mama. 
{Thankfully I've had chicken pox before & my immunities are okay, but still - keep the sick kids at home, peeps.}
As for other pregnancy related rambles, I've had no movement as yet, but heartbeat still sounds good and strong when I check in on the doppler. The cough is finally starting to die down, and I'm sleeping MUCH better. I've had some tightness and stretchy pains in the belly lately, as well as some sharp jabs to the lower back {but only on the right hand side} so I'm assuming everything is growing and shifting as it should be.
How are you all doing this week?

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Sarah said...

it always surprises me how many parents send their sick kids to school without thinking! or how many parents dont bother getting their children checked out! hahaha, oh man. they always say a teachers first year is at a true test with adjusting to all the sickness.

yay for shopping! so fun to get baby things. happy for you, and hoping she doesnt change to a boy in the next 3 weeks! thatd call for a chuckle.

Our Wired Lives said...

sorry about all the sicks kids! I'm feel exhausted this week. Are you over your exhaustion yet?

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