Our Baby Girl

Our 19 week morphology scan went well today - thank you for all of the good wishes. And yes, she is STILL a girl! :)

{Seriously - how amazing are those features for a 19 week 4D scan? Incredible!}
We had the same sonographer as last time, which I had been hoping for, as she's very calm and gentle, and totally understood my nerves. Before we even started, she mentioned that the 12-week bloodwork is still very new, and that scans were important too, so I took that advice with a grain of salt before we even began.

Baby has all arms, legs, fingers and toes. We even got to see some of them up close today, as she waved at us!
All organs seemed normal, so that was positive - heart beat was steady at 154bpm. Baby flipped into her favourite 'face plant/frog leg' position halfway through the scan, so we had a few breaks to try filling up my bladder and helping her to stretch her legs out better. Nothing seemed to work! The second or third break was agony: I must have drunk nearly two litres of water, plus juice, plus a banana, and then had to hold it. PAIN, omgosh! But eventually, she flipped, and the sonographer could measure her legs.

We didn't get a very good profile shot today, as she was upside down most of the time - but it was very cute. This isn't the clearest of pictures, but you can see the face and her little hand next to her nose, awww!
We meet with our OB next week {when Jase is actually HOME!} so I suppose we just wait and see what happens next. I am so, so relieved to have had a 'perfectly normal' ultrasound - the fact that baby girl is doing well and growing and frolicking about makes my heart so, so happy. That's all an almost-mum like me could ask for.

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Novella said...

Wonderful news - glad all is well xox

Just T said...

What a sweet u/s pic! I am so happy things were looking good :)

Jess said...

So glad to hear this! The news on FB yesterday made my day.

erika said...

She is gorgeous!!! Such a great update. Happy ICLW #33

christine said...

Glad to hear you had a great scan! They got an amazing shot in 4d. I hope you are able to relax a bit more now.

ICLW #38

Anonymous said...

Hi from ICLW...congrats!!!

KLynne said...

She is beautiful! Congrats!

terra said...

So cool so see that beautiful baby girl in such great detail! <3

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