17 weeks + 5 days

Just two more weeks until hubby is home. Very excited about that! While we were having a Skype chat this morning, I found the baby's heartbeat & played it for him - he seemed so excited to hear it again. :)
I received my first belly gropes yesterday - both by children under the age of 7! A little girl in my class decided to gently pat my stomach as she left the room at the end of the day, saying 'Bye Baby!' - very cute, though unexpected. And after babysitting a friend's two girls last night, the youngest surprised me with a cuddle and a belly smooch - again, completely random but very sweet. As for adults copping a feel... don't even think about it... yet.

I'm almost 18 weeks along now and still anxiously trying to sense any kind of movement from the wee one. Every night before bed, I lie down and wait - sometimes I'll get a gurgle or a twitch, but then I generally just let one rip. (Oh pregnancy, you so sexy.) My stomach has been so heavy and sore and bloated, like I'm carrying the weight of a full term baby - which I was freaking out about, until I read that my uterus is the size of a rockmelon right now. No freaking wonder it feels heavy. Going from an orange to a rockmelon is ridiculous. 
Speaking of fruits, I'm ready to not have baby be an onion anymore. Bring on Week 18!
Yesterday at work, I could've SWORN I felt something jab me. It wasn't a pleasant, fluttery, butterfly sensation though - it was a sharp poke. It got me twice on the right hand side, and then I didn't feel anything again. I've decided it was either one of my internal organs being shifted, or I just felt my first ninja baby kick. Time will tell. :)

Random stabby pregnancy moment of the day when watching Breaking Dawn pt1: being jealous when Bella gets to feel her creepy vampire baby move in her belly all of five minutes after getting magically knocked up. We have to wait nearly 2 years to get pregnant & she's barfing up chicken in seconds. Why am I watching this crap?

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~stinkb0mb~ said...

"As for adults copping a feel... don't even think about it."

I think I must be one of very few females who would be happy to have her pregnant belly touched, in fact I think I'd be pushing it towards people TO feel because I'd just be reveling in the whole thing LOL

Tia said...

I was pleasantly surprised that during my entire pregnancy only one person every touched my belly, and that was a co-worker. I felt the first movement at 17w, but everyone told me that was super early for a first baby. I'm sure you'll feel it soon!

Anonymous said...

For the record, I never did feel the tickly butterfly movements that everyone describes in my own pregnancy. It felt much more like pokes and taps, so that very well could have been your baby girl!

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