The Weekly Run-Down: 18

How Far Along: 18 weeks pregnant! :)

Size of baby: Another ugly veggie - sorry, baby sweet potato. A picture of a capsicum would be much nicer.

Random & Interesting Developmental Stuff:  Here's this week's run-down:

Do you and your partner talk to your baby? Well, with the bones and nerves in her ears now developed enough to function, she can hear all sorts of sounds -- including blood coursing through the umbilical cord, your growling tummy, and your heartbeat. In fact, sudden or loud noises may startle her. Go ahead and sing, tell stories or play music for your baby now. Even though your baby doesn't understand what these sounds are now, eventually she'll recognize your voice better than any other.

Total Weight Gain: Still out of the comfort zone - but I'm hungry a lot, so yah. Doesn't surprise me. 

Sleep: I'm sleeping better, which is good.

Symptoms: So last week's huge boobs? Are now leaking. Isn't that a bit early? Also, I'm having some more intense cramping and pressure in the tummy, and lots of tiredness and soreness all round. Growing pains, I hope.

Cravings: All I want to eat right now is pizza. That craving came seriously out of nowhere.

Gender: IT'S A GIRL! (I love that I can say that now, how incredible.) :) :) :)

Movement: I'm in the 'don't know if that was baby or gas' phase. Nothing concrete that I can identify as baby.

Maternity Clothes: Lots of dresses this week. I'm not liking the feeling of anything touching my tummy.

Milestones: 18 weeks sounds like a milestone in itself. Almost halfway there.

What I'm looking forward to: Monday's 19-week ultrasound. I want to check that Baby Jag is still a SHE baby... and most importantly, that she's healthy. I'm so scared that they'll find something medically wrong, but I'm trying my best to be calm. There is nothing I can do except look after myself & keep baby growing, so that's what I'm doing.

The belly: I think it's fairly safe to say that it's becoming more noticeable as a preggo-belly now.
You can catch up on my weekly pregnancy updates {in reverse order} by clicking here. For bump shots - go here!

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Katie said...

Your hair looks beautiful! And of course, you look so happy, I am excited for you and loving these updates. :)

Marianne said...

I'm posting from the past! It's still Sunday night in Chicago.

Anyway, you look amazing!

I know it's hard, but you've got to relax. You're doing everything you can to make sure baby girl is healthy. When I had a lot of cramps around the middle of my pregnancies, they were because of the weight gain. Sometimes it's a result of dehydration. What's your OB say?

I adore you and you and baby jag are in my heart and prayers. you're doing great!

Ali @ Not All Dreams Are Free said...

We're all looking forward to hearing about your ultrasound too! Not long to wait now :-)

Unceasing, Uninterrupted Valkyrie said...

What an awesome picture!! Thanks for sharing!! :D

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