Boy or Girl? Time to Cast Your Votes!

Our 16 week early gender scan is tomorrow! I'm really excited, both about seeing the baby again for the first time in a month, and about hopefully finding out whether my instinct was right or oh-so-wrong!

Now... I'm going to be very logical up front, reminding myself that there is a very good chance that our little one will be bashful & keep his/her legs closed - that's what most of my 12 week 3D pictures showed!

But, on the odd chance that we DO find out tomorrow in our quickie ultrasound, how about a little guessing game?

What do you think - Is Baby Jag a boy or a girl?
Here are some old wives tales & predictions to help you guess...
  • Baby's heartbeat has been consistently over 140bpm at every scan so far. {It was even 139 at just 7 weeks!}
  • Even though it's early days with the bump yet, baby is still sitting very low, down near the pubic bone.
  • My hair has gotten thinner, and my face is dry and splodgy - pregnancy glow, ha!
  • I've had no morning sickness with this pregnancy.
  • I prefer salty foods over sweet foods, and spent my first trimester obsessed with dairy products.
  • All the tests I do come out with 50/50 odds, except for the Chinese Gender test
As for me, well, you guys know I've been calling Baby Jag a 'he' since very early on - just a gut instinct. I was never a real girly girl myself, so maybe that's why I feel boy. I am just praying all looks good and healthy.
So... leave your thoughts in the comments - boy or girl, and why? {& cross your fingers for a good potty shot!}
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Amber said...

I'm going to say boy because I feel that it's a girl but I'm always wrong. :)

Tia said...

I had those exact symptoms, so I'm going with boy :)

Mrs. Higrens said...

I craved salty bacon like a champ & I was convinced we were going to have a boy - but turned out to be a girl, so that's what I'm basing my guess on.

Have you been craving anything lemon or tart?

JHoller said...

I voted girl strictly because of the heartbeat:) Harper's hb was 132 at 6w2d and then shot up and stayed up from there! I'm excited to find out though! The Chinese gender chart was wrong for me, so we'll see if it was for you too!!!

Anonymous said...

OOOH! That is a tough one to guess. I really do not believe that the old wives tales are true (we all got a 50/50 chance to be right) it is so much fun to guess based on symptoms, especially when they are spot on! I did the same with my family, but since they kept changing their mind when I had a new or a symptom changed, I had them put their guess in writing, explaining why or what the decision was based on. It was so much fun to prove some people wrong :P
Now I have to admit that there are two methods that, for some reason, I just believe more in. The Chinese Gender Calendar & Ring on a Hair (A Mexican method). My guess will be based on majority of guesses on each symptom you explained and compared to my symptoms (I’m having a girl). So here it is!
-If Baby’s heartbeat has been a consistent 140bpm, my guess is a GIRL. I had the same thing. The baby’s heartbeat at the beginning was actually around 160bpm and it slowed down by 12wks. Now from what I’ve researched if the baby’s heartbeat is 139bpm and under it means it’s a boy, but since that only happened once, I will not use that piece of information. (1 GIRL / 0 BOY)
-In my case I lost a bit more hair than my usual, but the new hair growth has been thicker. My hair has grown faster and I actually have hair growing out of places I’ve never had before. Including some facial hair… Not happy about that! Based on this, my guess is a BOY (1 GIRL / 1 BOY)
-No morning sickness for you? Hmmm… I had morning sickness, nausea, drowsiness 24/7 for about 8-10weeks. My guess based on this, BOY! (1 GIRL / 2 BOY)
-Salty foods? I love salty foods, normally. I’m not a fan of pastries, cake, ice cream, etc. Once I started feeling better from the sickness. I want cinnamon rolls, lemon bread, strawberry shakes or smoothies. Milk and strawberry/cherry lemonade, pancakes/French toast with lots of syrup, fruits (especially bananas) are my all time favorites right now! So based on this, it’s a BOY! (1 GIRL / 3 BOY)
-Chinese calendar. I did it twice. One based on fertilization day and another based on FET. The chart was right based on FET (two cycles later). But you did not have FET right? You went back that same cycle for transfer, right? If that’s the case and the chart says it’s a girl, then a GIRL it is! (2 GIRL/3 BOY)
-I’d like to use another method, and if you could do it for me. Take one of your hairs and tie it on your wedding band. Lay on your back, grab the hair/wedding band and hold it above the belly with one hand. Make sure that when you are holding it, use your other hand to make sure the hair is straight, then let go. If the ring goes in CIRCLES it’s a GIRL. If the ring goes to the SIDES (horizontally or vertically) then it’s a BOY.
As of now, my guess is BOY! If you do the ring, let me know what you got.

Audrey said...

I'm guessing girl, but I'm almost always wrong. So do with that what you will. :)

Gillian said...

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