15 weeks + 4 days

I had my second OB appointment today. It was scheduled for 9am, but I left early because I was nervous about driving & parking at the busy hospital on my own - thankfully, all was good on both fronts. There were two things I was nervous about for this appointment - my weight and my blood pressure.

Since I arrived early, I'd brought my handy dandy urine sample cup & a bottle of water, thinking I'd fill 'er up while I was waiting. Peeing at will is NOT a problem I've been having lately - not since the first positive pregnancy test, actually - but wouldn't you know it? All liquids and running water aside, I could barely fill up a quarter of a cup.

I felt like the least pregnant woman in the OB's waiting room today - seriously, little porker belly had nothing on some of the gorgeous mamas there today. Once I was in with the doctor, we went over blood pressure {slightly lower this week, but still borderline at 130/90} and how I'd been feeling - he's all for me getting some cough suppressants to help me sleep, thank heavens! Otherwise, he said that I seemed well - should we try for the heartbeat?


Baby Jag was there immediately - a nice, loud heartbeat at 156bpm. I've been hearing him at home, but it's nice to have the medical professional comment on how all sounded very well. Dr. P then measured my uterus, giving my belly a good old squish in the process, and my fundal height is measuring at 16 weeks - not bad, since I'm 15+4.

No more visits for a few more weeks, but I'm armed with my 19 week referral scan for the BIG ultrasound, and I'm looking forward to our sneaky 16 week early gender scan next week.

As for irony... remember my shy bladder? Well, his midwife was off sick today, and so they skipped urine checks & weight checks to avoid a backlog. No need for pee! And if you want even MORE irony? The urge to pee was so strong on the drive home that I had to pull into a McDonalds to use their restroom. Ah, the joys of pregnancy...

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Tia said...

You have borderline high blood pressure and they skipped the pee test? I'd be upset if I were you! At least in the states, the urine test is for protein, a sign of pre-e.

Candace said...

Yay! Sounds like everything went great!! Are you going to wait till the hubs gets home to share the news of next week's scan? Say no!!!

Just T said...

I hope that next time they are able to get your urine sample to measure the protein.

Glad you and baby are doing well though :)

JHoller said...

The 156 hb makes me wonder if Baby Jag is a girl! I know that's an old wives tale, but it was true for us:) I can't wait to find out!

Janet said...

I wanted to pipe in because my BP was slightly elevated/borderline as well (same #s as you) and I've had really good success keeping it down on a drug called Nifedipine (also called Nifediac I think?). It's preg safe, and it brought down my BP to a perfect level, so that now in the late 3rd trimester, it's going back up again, but there's ROOM for it to go back up, ya know? Anyway, I know our health care systems are so different, but wanted to let you know this worked really well for me.

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