10 weeks + 3 days

Oh, I am a nervous wreck.

All my symptoms have gone, aside from the random hunger/aversions. I feel totally normal. I can't find the baby on the doppler, haven't been able to for the last few days. I'm really anxious that something's not right.

Plus, I've been having crazy dreams - last night in my dream, I was bleeding, went to the doctors, and the baby had no heartbeat. I woke up in tears and headed straight for the toilet, sure it was a sign. Thank goodness, but no, no bleeding or spotting. Why is this such a head-fuck?

On top of all of my craziness, Georgia came down with a random case of Hand, Foot & Mouth disease this week. We still don't know where she picked it up {could have been anywhere} but it's been nasty. She's still spotty and healing slowly, but we've been quarantined for most of this week to make sure it doesn't spread.

Monday's OB appointment can't come fast enough. :(

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TwoPlusOne said...

Good luck for Monday Aly! I'll continue praying for you.
I have been crazy myself with my loss of signs...all we can do is pray hard, think positive and wait with whatever patience we have left (after all, we are used to that aren't we..)

Mrs. Higrens said...

Many many internet hugs to you and Miss G.

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

I hope everything is okay on Monday. It's so hard not to worry that baby is okay. I completely understand.

Kristie said...

Praying that all is well with baby. I hope Georgia feels better soon too.

Melissa said...

Hang in there! And do be careful around Georgia with the HF&M - I just caught it from my little one a few weeks ago myself and it was decidedly Not. Fun. Adults apparently can get it much worse than the kiddos, and I was down for the count for over a week. And of course the yucky symptoms last much longer; finally got rid of the remaining peeling on my hands almost a month later. :( Hope Georgia has a mild case!

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