Love and Support

We've been overwhelmed by the love and generosity of our friends and family members over the last few weeks. From the day we found out that we had lost the baby, the messages of support just kept flying in.

It's so hard to say much other than 'thank you' - but I've tried hard to make sure people know how grateful I am, we both are. Little tokens were left on our doorstep, cards were posted to us so that we can read in private - it was beautiful, and showed us how loved we are - even in our darkest moments.

It's not only the physical things that mean so much though - it's the words, the text messages, the support I've received from other amazing women online. I wouldn't be healing without you... so thank you, so so much.

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JB said...

You're never far from my thoughts. Hope you're finding strength in Georgia and your husband during this time. The pain may never completely go away, but you'll learn to live with it in a way that makes you a person you never thought you could be. xo.

Lara said...

So glad you have such a loving support system through such a difficult time.

Katelin said...

xoxo thinking of you friend xoxo

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