baby #2: 10 weeks pregnant

How far along? Double digits - into week 10, huzzah!

How big is baby? Baby is a prune or a kumquat this week. Squidgy little fruit baby, awww.

{Image via BabyCenter}
How I’m feeling? Went through a really nervous phase this past week - didn't feel pregnant, boobs stopped hurting, and I couldn't find the baby on the doppler. Since then, I've calmed down a bit - after I DID find the baby and made myself relax (and put the doppler away in a drawer!) Just another week or so until my next doctor visit.

How I’m changing? I'm alternating between being really relaxed about this pregnancy, to constantly worrying that something is wrong. Focussing on Georgia helps, as does remembering how lucky we are to be here.

Symptoms? I'm just so bloated. That and an emotional mess. That about sums it up.

Cravings? Still with the juice and with the saos, and potato-stuff. Hot chips & gravy, mmmmm.

Food Aversions? Went a bit funny off home cooked meat this week, so tended to avoid it.

Highlights this week? I turned 30 a few days ago - and I'm really looking forward to my thirties! I have an amazing hubby, cute fur babies, a beautiful little girl, and a tiny little kumquat baby in my belly. Life is good.

The Belly? Ok, I'll be brave & start up the belly shots.

Just remember: haggard tired mama, bloaty tummy. You have been warned!

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Kato Potato said...

Yaaaaay belly shots! I look forward to lots more of these, because you've always been radiantly beautiful with a cute belly in these series. :)

Katherine said...

You look great!!

Unknown said...

Lovely shots! I love your hair, such a great colour.

Candace said...

Gorgeous momma!!!

Happy belated birthday! :)

JB said...

I think you look great!!! and happy belated 30th!

tristanh said...

You look great! Can't to see more belly pics! :)

Feisty Harriet said...

Yaaaaay! So exciting! And you look lovely, if this is bloated and whatever I just don't believe it. Seriously.


TwoPlusOne said...

You look great! And happy belated 30th birthday!

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