Only a few days into the TWW and I'm already going crazy. Nothing much to report right now... except I'm really fearful that this hasn't worked, already. No symptoms, nothing. I'll probably start testing from around 10dpo and see what happens. Man, I'd like to be able to surprise everyone - and most of all myself - with a pregnancy from this transfer.

For now, I'm just trying not to think like it's over already... though it's hard to keep those thoughts away! Come on, emby.

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Mrs. Agony said...

I know you know this, but symptoms don't typically start that early. The only real "symptom" I had by then was some pressure above my groin and a little bit of cramping. Otherwise, nothing. No boob tenderness, no gas, no heartburn, no nothing. Just pressure and cramping, which could have been from transfer and not a baby.

The 2WW is the worst. Wishing you the best!

Unknown said...

Thinking of you xx

Feisty Harriet said...

Happy vibes, happy vibes, happy vibes!


apluseffort said...

Good luck and I hope the time flies by!

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