FET #5 - Back to Basics

Despite the HRT protocol going so well last cycle {before the dismal embryo transfer, that is} we've gone back to a previous protocol this time around. My fertility specialist believes I have better results from when we do natural cycles - but of course, those don't exist for me. So in lieu of that, I'm back on the Letrozole/Femara, and we track via bloods & OPK's for a surge, and then time the transfer after that.

I'm more than a little nervous, if I'm honest. I'm scared that the Letrozole won't work, that I'll not ovulate at all on it - or worse, just form another ovarian cyst again. I'm scared that we won't get a transfer, and that we'll end up waiting around and wasting even MORE time. But I'm having a bit of faith in my doctor this time, and letting her decide how this cycle should go.

The one thing I am fighting for though, is to have all five of our day 1 embryos thawed. I'm not going through another frozen cycle, only to have one lousy embryo to transfer like last month. This time, I'm going to throw everything at it.. so I need to chase up the embryologists last week and make sure they're ready to defrost whatever's left.

Until then - we wait. The jury's out as to when, or if, I'll ovulate on the Letrozole. Monitoring starts next week. :)

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Just T said...

Will they consider transferring more than one if you decided that is what you guys want?

Rebecca said...

Wishing you all the best of luck.

Unknown said...

I was going to ask the same as Just. If you had 2 or 3 amazing embryos would you consider double transfer or could they re-freeze at d5 or something?

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