FET #5 - Tumbleweeds

Well, the Letrozole was finished up last week, days 5-9. Since then, we've had every-other-day bloods to check on how things are going.. and so far, not a lot is happening. I've never ovulated earlier than CD18 before - and most often it's a LOT later than that - but I always find myself disappointed that things don't happen earlier.

Mostly though, I'm not worried about ovulating late, since that part is out of my control. I'm MOST worried about not ovulating at all. I'm going for more bloods tomorrow, and likely again Monday or Tuesday, and if they can't see any surges in my hormones, I'll be requesting an ultrasound to see what's happening in there.

I just wish that I could ovulate. At LEAST a quarter of our TTC issues would be solved if I could just freaking ovulate.

Am emotional. And tonight, I'm raiding the leftover Easter bunny chocolate container.. just because.

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Unknown said...

You deserve the leftover bunnies. As crappy as this advice is, it's all I have - distractions! Xx

Alice said...

I haven't forgotten you, Ally. I say a prayer for you every night.

Shannon said...

Ovulation should be a right for all women! At for those that want it.

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