FET #5 - Cancellation Limbo

I'm waiting on a phone call to tell me what's going on with this cycle. It's leaning towards being cancelled.... but there's a chance, I guess. It's not over until it's officially over.

Why would they cancel, you might be wondering? Well, I am CD21. I've had bloods every other day this week, three days in a row since Tuesday, and my oestrogen FINALLY started increasing on the ovulation sticks. Last night, it was high, but not positive. This morning, it was blazing positive. Things might finally be happening!!!

Until... they told me that yesterday's progesterone was already looking elevated. And today's ultrasound showed a HUGE follicle {potentially already a cyst} that was massive, about 27mm.

You know what sucks the most? THIS:

I have a picture perfect endo lining, at 10mm. I have surged, as I got all positive OPK's this morning. My saliva started ferning yesterday and looks textbook for ovulation.

But is it a cyst? Is the progesterone too high? Will they cancel a transfer now? I have no idea. I'm REALLY worried about the progesterone, since I have a history of it rising pre-transfer, which is why they have cancelled a few of my cycles in the past. I wish I knew why it was doing this, I really do.. but there's nothing I can do but wait for their call, now. I'm getting tired of asking for a miracle, but COME ON UNIVERSE!!


I am so flipping over this.


We are a-go for transfer! Apparently the blood levels have stayed JUST in range for progesterone and suggest ovulation, so we're hopefully going to transfer a 5-day embryo on Monday next week.

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Non Sequitur Chica said...

YAY for your update!! I'm so glad that you guys are going to be able to transfer. Crossing my fingers this is it for you!!

JustHeather said...

Woohoo! Keeping my fingers crossed.

Feisty Harriet said...

So exciting about the update!! Sending ALL THE GOOD THINGS your way!


Mrs. Higrens said...

Hurray for AWESOME updates!

Also wanted to say that I got preg with LO on 1 massive egg, so if your lump is a egg follie, you should get busy this weekend as well.

Unknown said...

Yay for update!!!

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