(Inter)National Infertility Awareness Week

It's pretty easy to feel alone in this whole thing.

Watching everyone else around you move on, while you're still waiting. More so, second time around, when you're overwhelmingly grateful for what you have, but yearning for what you don't.

I'm thankful that I have amazing people around me who do their best to offer support & places to go to if things get too much.

I'm sending my friends who are stuck in the trenches lots of love this week. We can do this.

After all... the best things are the ones worth waiting for.

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Chon said...

fingers crossed, double crossed and triple crossed that this is the final piece of your puzzle xx

Heatherj said...

Thanks for posting this. It is so easy to forget that you are not alone when you are struggling...

Feisty Harriet said...



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