I was really starting to think we had a shot, if I'm honest.

The back aches continued, the appetite disappeared, and shadows started appearing. It's been two days now, and I saw shadows on several internet cheapies... and bright enough that even hubby could see them.

We began to get hopeful.

Unfortunately, the big guns at early detection, the FRER tests, showed negative yesterday at 7dp3dt and negative again this morning at 8dp3dt. And those are the ones I trust.

Shit. :(

Looks like another failed cycle.

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jess said...

oh that graphic is spot on. Whenever I dare to whinge about anything my mother in law tells me to be grateful for my life and to think about starving children in Africa. It makes me very cranky.

It sucks the big one that you have to through this. I'm sorry.

Liz said...

The internet cheapy tests are SUPER sensitive. Hopefully the FRER just isn't detecting the hcg yet. I'm staying hopeful for you!!

Rebecca said...

Still hoping

Mrs. Agony said...

FRERs are super sensitive but I never consider a cycle truly "over" until the equivalent of 14 dpo. So, three days from now for you.

That said, I know the feeling of disappointment when you are looking at that blank test.

I will keep hoping for you.

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Oh lady, I'm still holding out hope for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi from ICLW...I am so sorry

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