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We're at the start of the birthday boom around here. Georgia & my Mum share their birthday in March, my brother is in April, my Dad & Hubby are both in May - along with the inlaws too! Once this batch of birthdays are done, it's quiet for a few months until the end of July, when I'll be *gulp* 31.

I always tend to struggle the most buying presents for my husband. If I ask what he wants, or if there is anything he needs, the answer is usually 'nothing!' Drives me crazy, but that's how he rolls. And to be honest, I kind of understand where he's coming from... I'm at the point in my life where I don't really NEED anything, which makes me feel pretty lucky. That said, it's always a challenge to find the perfect gift - and hopefully these hints will help! :)


Having trouble buying a gift for a man in your life? Don’t overthink it. The more simple the gift, the better it will be received. The only thing you can’t get a man is something complicated. If they don’t have to think about it for too long then they will love it. Below are a few great gift ideas for any man in your life.


Every man sees himself as the ‘handyman’. And nothing will stroke his ego more than providing him with brand new tools and equipment. One of the better things about buying tools is you can use them as suggestions. Suggestions of what you want him to fix or build. Try to go for a quality brand like Ryobi – they sell tools for just about everything you can imagine. So whatever your man’s speciality is there is something perfect for him. Who can say no to a new drill, or saw, or grinder, or … the list never ends.

Georgia also enjoys playing with tools outdoors - like father, like daughter.

Clothes Accessories

Men are pretty simple to buy for. They aren’t particularly complicated, but one thing they are is bad at shopping. New socks, nice ties, any accessories come as a welcome addition to a man’s wardrobe, a place where holes in socks are more common than matching pairs. It doesn’t matter who you are buying for, there is always going to be something he needs. It could be socks or a new tie, or it could be something a little more original, like cuff links or even a wallet.

Sports Collectables

Each and every man has a sport. It doesn’t matter who they are, they follow something. It could be football, it could be boxing or it could even be a video game league. Nothing would make your man happier than signed memorabilia. Not every man is a football fan and modern sports leagues are so diverse that he could be a fan of anything from medieval armoured combat to online multiplayer games. But it doesn’t matter what the sport is, there are collectibles to be found. Framed jerseys, signed cricket bats, game winning balls. The list is endless and easily accessible. Sports collectables are always a game winning gift for every man.

Experience Gifts

Sometimes a gift doesn’t have to be a physical object; an unforgettable experience can be worth so much more. Some men are hard to buy gifts for. For them a chance to do something they never would have thought of doing before could be just the thing they need. The list of experiences is nearly endless. You could take them on a hot lap in a V8 Supercar. Or send them parachuting out a plane. Maybe they would prefer something a little more relaxing, like a deep sea fishing trip. You can give the man in your life the gift of a perfect memory.
Catamaran sailing in New Zealand - an amazing gift experience back in 2004!
Men are pretty simple and that makes buying them gifts simple too. These are a few great ideas for gifts you can give the man in your life.

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