A Kiddo Update

Georgia is a delight. Growing like a weed, keeping us on our toes, and going through a gorgeous phase of being snuggly and sweet and empathetic, and oh man, do I love it. Not long after her birthday, we decided to wean her off the dummy and it went amazingly well - the Easter Bunny helped to ease the transition, but really, we were so proud of how quickly she let that go. 
She's been doing a single day at childcare for a few months now and we're seeing her blossom as she learns new things and interacts with her daycare friends. Being that she's the youngest in her daycare classroom, we noticed that her expressive language seemed a little bit behind the other kids - so were referred to a hearing clinic to have her tested. She passed that hearing test with flying colours, so we're just going to keep encouraging her to increase her language a little bit each day.
It's been so sweet watching Georgia fall in love with her little cousin. She's gone from total disinterest, to being completely smitten - she wants to kiss him constantly, she's sharing toys, and she just wants to be near him. I love it, but I'll admit, it kind of makes my heart ache a little too, because I know she would have loved being a big sister to our little ones that weren't to be.
I still can't believe I have a two year old! She's blowing my mind every day, and I'm so grateful that she's ours! 

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TwoPlusOne said...

Always love your update about Georgia! And she's growing up so fast too :)

Unknown said...

Oh look at her in her little bonds, so cute!!

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