Five Ways the Kids Can Help in the Kitchen: Sponsored Post

Confession time: late afternoon/early evenings in our household are pretty much chaos. It's usually just Georgia & I, and we're both pretty tired - tired, hungry & lacking patience! What works for us one night tends to fall flat the next night, but we'll try anything once. So far, a little snack helps to keep her calm while I scurry around the kitchen.

Since Georgia's still little, her help in the kitchen is a bit limited, but I look forward to her helping me more in the future.


Cooking and watching your little ones simultaneously can create a big headache. You need to prepare the meal, but you also need to ensure the safety of your kids at the same time. Why not solve two problems at once and have your kids help you cook? It will help them learn a skill and give them a sense of accomplishment from helping prepare dinner for the family. Here are some ways to get them involved.

1. Start at the Grocery Store

The grocery store may be the last place you want to go. But for a child, there are many things that grab attention. With your list in hand, have your child help you pick out certain items or help you decide what to eat for dinner. By involving them in the process from the beginning, they can develop a deeper appreciation for what goes into making a meal.
My grocery store helper - she loves the colours and sights at the local shops.

2. Add and Stir Ingredients

Depending on the age of your children, some activities may not be appropriate. Decide what they can handle and what they can be responsible for (using sharp utensils, for example). Have them begin by adding the ingredients and then stirring. The mixing can be a great eye-opener for a child because they can see that, from their efforts, the ingredients have now blended together.

3. Set the Table

A staple in many households is to have the kids set and clear the table before and after dinner. This can help teach your child responsibility through caring for the dishes, but it also forces your family to spend valuable time together while eating, an activity that is sadly becoming more and more uncommon for the average household.

4. Make the Food Easy to Use

Children can achieve maximum confidence when a job they are given works well. Although the task may be relatively simple, their success can build self-esteem. Have them help you prepare their lunch boxes or an afternoon snack. This may involve you preparing the items in advance. Open up the snack drawer and have them help you count out the pretzels (or apples or whatever) into their specific spots. Even if you do the cutting while they put the food on the plate, this small step can go a long way towards raising their ability to take care of themselves later on.

5. Get Creative

The kitchen is a place where you can get creative. Let your children unleash their imagination by experimenting with ingredients and playing with tastes. Make it a game by guessing whether the dish will taste good or not! Either way, you’ll have a fun time testing the waters. Cultivating creativity can also be helpful for children who are picky eaters; it lets them figure out what they may actually like.
This little lady is a fussy eater, but she's beginning to enjoy new tastes & textures!
The kitchen is a place for families to spend time together by working towards a common goal. Before you invite the kids to get crafty in the kitchen, make sure it’s a child-friendly zone by fitting it out with top-of-the-line appliances from a specialist such as ASKO. With the right gear, an open mindset and some creative kids, who knows what delicious (or deliciously disastrous) feasts might get cooked up!

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