What's Next?

We have our WTF (post-IVF fail) appointment with our fertility specialist this coming Friday. I had initially scheduled it a few weeks ago for during our TWW, so that we could move straight on to a new cycle without too much waiting. Unfortunately, they had to reschedule the appointment - and so, here we are, now wasting yet another month. Frustrated is an understatement, let me tell you.

Since we've had absolutely no luck in the past few cycles, we talked about trying somewhere new - maybe getting a fresh set of eyes to look over our history and give us an idea of what is going wrong. We had an initial consultation with a new clinic, which is a bit more expensive than our current one.. and we're waiting on them to get back to us with a potential protocol for us. Once we have that, and we talk to our current specialist this week, we'll weigh up between the two and decide what to do.

In the meantime, I've had my day 3 bloodwork done for both clinics (nothing like a double whammy of tests, right?) and hubby's done his as well - plus his, er, contribution, to check on how the little guys are going. I'm going back on birth control too, so we can at least control this 'wait' cycle a little bit, since if I go medication free, chances are I won't get another period in 2015. (I wish I was kidding.)

I've also upped my supplements, to see if it helps with my egg quality & crazy hormones. In my daily routine right now, not including the birth control pill, is Metformin, Elevit prenatals, Vitamin D, Megafol, low dose aspirin, Inositol & coQ-10.*

Georgia decided my band-aid needed a smiley sticker, because mama got an 'ouch'. 
Any other ideas for supplements or for egg quality that I'm missing? Open to all suggestions!

*I should add, these are just my morning doses- there are additional ones for the evening! Some are fairly hefty - that Vit D alone is 5000! Packs a punch in a teeny tiny tablet. :) 

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Kato Potato said...

That is a lot of pills. I hope they do some magic prepping!

Unknown said...

Maybe more Vitamin D? My specialist upped us from 2 daily to 4 daily for the five months between our second IVF cycle and our third and we got a BFP on the third cycle, so who knows, it may have helped....

Liz said...

The cycle that was successful for the girls I was on vitamin d 4000, vitamin e 600, vitamin c 2000, vitamin b complex, pycegonal 100, omega 3 fish oil twice a day, and pregnitude twice a day. These were recommended by my dr and specific to my PCOS.

Anonymous said...

Have you done a hysteroscopy? Some research indicates increased success rate after repeat IVF failure. After 3 failed cycles I asked for a hysteroscopy and had success.

Katelin said...

oy, sending lots of good vibes friend!

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