IVF #4 - Might Be Another Freeze All

Today's ultrasound showed some lovely follicles. We're looking at 7 measurable ones for retrieval late this week, which is what we were aiming for - a nice happy medium over 3 and less than 13!

I'm to take the stim drugs again in the morning, trigger tomorrow night & have egg collection Thursday morning.

I was really pleased... until they told me that, once again, my worst fears are coming true: my progesterone levels taken last week were already 4.1, so there is a very likely chance that this cycle is going to be another freeze all.

I just don't understand why this keeps happening?

We're now waiting on a phone call later this afternoon to confirm what the progesterone has done during this morning's blood test - but once again, I am totally devastated. I was so looking forward to a fresh transfer, and I was feeling a lot more positive about starting again and having a real shot at this.

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Unknown said...

Please don't give up hope. I got pregnant with my daughter during our 3rd fresh IVF attempt (after several losses). When we tried for #2 we had two devastating losses and then a very disappointing (or so I thought) fresh IVF cycle resulting in only one to transfer and none to freeze. That cycle resulted in our amazing now 1 year old little boy. It doesn't take the perfect cycle for you to end up pregnant. Hang in there. Hoping this cycle is the one for you.

Mrs. Higrens said...

Dear Aly's body,
Slow your roll on the progesterone production, m'kay!
Squishes & Smooches!!!

Seriously though, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed and sending vibes for good news to come your way. You are way overdue.

Non Sequitur Chica said...

If you do have to have a frozen transfer it isn't the end of the world. The success rate is the same as fresh and your dr can make sure that your uterus/lining/etc looks perfect for the transfer. Still, I hope your dr figures out what is going on with your hormone levels!

Chon said...

I'm sorry it's not going to plan. It really throws your stress levels and ability to measure stress. Hugs my sweet.

Rachel said...

Hi from ICLW - most of the babies I know conceived via IVF were from a frozen transfer so hang in there! It's so hard having our plans thwarted - but I'll cross everything I've got for success for you!

Just Myself said...

How utterly FRUSTRATING!!! I never got to the point of IVF (Clomid worked for me) but I know it's gotta be hair pulling frustration at this point. I hope the initial test was wrong... Annissa ~ ICLW #5

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