Hormonal Imbalances & More Waiting

This morning's appointment totally floored me. You might recall that we've been researching and trying to decide between sticking with our current clinic, or trialling a new clinic for our next fresh stim cycle. We've had appointments with both, and were waiting on their protocol information before we made a decision. Turns out that both specialists have recommended the exact same protocol... a short antagonist cycle, exactly the same dose of Puregon (187.5-200 with plenty of monitoring of progesterone levels) and additional progesterone support post-transfer.

Unfortunately though, it turns out that my routine blood-work done on CD3 this month, showed some concerning levels. I've been referred for further testing - they are worried that I may have congenital adrenal hyperplasia (late onset/non-classical) - which is basically an overload of male androgens that never regulate properly, too much testosterone and free progesterone floating around my body throughout my cycles, and symptoms that go hand in hand with PCOS.

Because my current doctor is an Endocrinologist as well as a Fertility Specialist, she's recommending I go and have a Synacthen Stimulating Test at the hospital as soon as possible, where they will get a better idea of what's going on, and whether it IS just the PCOS going nuts, or if it's an adrenal issue causing problems. They'll still do IVF of course, but I may need things tweaked if it comes back positive. Treatment is with steroids, and lots of additional monitoring, I believe.

Hopefully I'll get that booked in soon.. and once the test is done, I can go on Provera for 10 days to end this stupid rest cycle and get started! I've requested that I do NOT want day 1/2 embryo freezing if we have progesterone issues in future stim cycles, I want them all grown out from the get go. My specialist said that it's against their protocol so she'll take it up with the scientists - but conceded that she thinks frozen cycles aren't really beneficial for me with the stresses of ovulating for a natural FET/progesterone issues on the HRT.

She's also recommending endo scratching for future frozen cycles if that becomes necessary. She is also organising testing for the bloodwork that goes with endometriosis, though she doesn't think this is an issue for me.. I suppose she just wants to rule things out. She mentioned that I've never had a Laparoscopy before, but I've never had any reasons to - so I'd prefer not to do that if there's no cause for concern there.

So now, we try to book in for this CAH test and see what the results are. I'm frustrated at the waiting around AGAIN, as time keeps on ticking... it has been so hard watching everyone else decide to start trying for a baby, falling pregnant, and even having their babies or going back for seconds, while you're still waiting - despite our journey beginning earlier than theirs. I'm really worried that we'll have a whopping age difference between kids if we do get lucky again in the future... which is not what we wanted. Hopefully ruling this issue out will mean we can get back to business and get prepared to try again.

(I still think we're cursed.)

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Non Sequitur Chica said...

I'm sorry that you have to go through more waiting but maybe this hormone imbalance is why you are having the miscarriages/why the embryos aren't implanting? I know that it is frustrating but hopefully you can figure out a plan soon after your testing that fixes the problem!

Britt said...

Hm, just saw this now. My sister has late-onset congenital adrenal hyperplasia. They thought she had PCOS for years before she discovered and was tested for adrenal hyperplasia. I hope they sort it all out for you!

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