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The FET cycle before this one, I decided to indulge in a little bit of me-time, to try to help my anxiety. I thought I would try something new, and took on a four-week block of hypnotherapy and relaxation sessions. It wasn't cheap, but it was something I thought might help me deal with all of the stress of the last 18 months. I do think it helped... but I really need to make sure I get back into my nightly mp3 sessions to make sure this continues into the next part of our IVF journey.

Some of these tips might help with your stress levels too! :)


Doesn’t it just seem like every minute of the day is fuelled with high-pressure requirements? Every report is needed urgently, every phone call is a high priority, and thanks to these new too-smart phones, you are expected to be available at all times. With all these pressures, it is important to actively do things to reduce your stress levels. Below is a list of suggestions to help take you from hyped-up to wound-down in no time.

Embrace the water

There is nothing quite like the feeling of tranquillity that comes over you when you sit, alone, in a boat with a thermos of tea and a fishing rod. Left alone with nothing but your thoughts, it gives you the very rare opportunity to switch off from work, home life and financial stresses, and just focus on the nature around you. You might even be able to find a spot where you can’t get mobile reception – bliss! Use the opportunity to catch some fresh fish for dinner – just don’t forget to bring along proper equipment like rods and lures (you can get them at stores like MOTackle), or you might find yourself a little hungry that night!

Getting out on the ocean - Coral Coast, Fiji

Switch off the TV

Most people spend all day jumping between their desktop computer, their laptop or tablet, and their smart phone. The last thing your body wants when you finally get home is to sit down again in front of another screen. Replace TV time with a walk or a trip to the gym, and let the endorphins do their stuff. Do your best to restrict your television consumption to the weekends, or a maximum amount of time each night, to give your eyes a bit more rest. You might also find that turning off the onslaught of advertisements, reality television programs and loud noise makes you feel physically calmer. Just try it for a week, and see if you feel better!

Write a diary

This might seem a little uncool, but writing a diary (and hand-writing, not typing on a computer) can be a great, free therapist. It gives you the opportunity to vent frustrations without ruining work or personal relationships, and taking the time to sit with a pen and paper can in itself be calming. Just don’t put pressure on yourself to write the next famous novel. Your thoughts don’t have to be poetry (although a limerick can be fun and therapeutic) – they just need to help you stay calm.

Most my my journalling is here on the blog, but I do like to doodle!

Adopt a hobby – or two – or three

Finding your life too wrapped up in stress? Too much work, not enough money, far too many home life pressures? Get yourself into a night class and learn a new skill. Make it something fun – don’t go into a night class for pure mathematics (unless that is your thing, in which case, good for you!). Think pottery classes, hip hop dance classes, or even cake decorating classes. Anything that will get you in a safe, fun space and away from your troubles for a while.

What’s your go-to stress-reducing activity? Share your suggestions below, and help your fellow stress-pots out!

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