20 weeks + 5 days

While there's still a lonnnnnng way to go, I'm finding myself starting to think ahead to the coming months. I have to say, it's a nice change from living hour by hour, or even just getting through one day at a time. I still look forward to clocking the weeks off as they come, but.. it's now the second half of pregnancy, that's something to get excited about!

I'm about to dive into sorting all of Georgia's old baby clothes. I also need to make a list of items we do still need to buy for this baby. The big ticket items are a new car-seat and a new pram (as I HATED my old pram!) as well as a second baby monitor, as we are still using one in G's big girl room. We have borrowed a baby swing this time around, and I already have a Rock n Play, a little baby chair, a cradle and all nursery furniture leftover from last time. 
While having another girl is all sorts of fantastic, I do feel a little sad that 99% of her things will be hand-me-downs. Great for the thrifty side in me, but kind of sad for bebe girl #2. That said, I'm allowing myself to splurge on a few new things for her. :)
I know she's not going to know or care one way or the other, but I just want her to know how loved she is, how much we fought for her, how important she is to us. Sure, the big baby shower was all about celebrating Georgia {and how lucky we were to have her!} but ... this wee one is no less special, just because the preparations for her arrival are a little more low-key.
I was thinking of perhaps inviting a few girlfriends to a high tea or little luncheon later on in the pregnancy, to celebrate her impending arrival. As I said, it's still a while away yet, but something to think about.

I'm so excited for this new little person to join our family, all going well, and I just want to share that with the world! 

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Kato Potato said...

Ah it's really nice you can save a little on the clothes. Baby girl won't mind and she will be just as cute. You'll be able to compare so often how both sisters look in the same clothes!

It's only a problem when she gets old enough to notice she never gets new stuff. I got hand me downs from my sister all the time and it was mostly fine, but my confirmation dress absolutely did not fit me and I was jealous that my sister had gotten to pick it out. I just got a new headpiece to feel a bit more special. But when my mom tried to get me to wear my sister's old training bras when I started showing, I drew the line there. No underwear sharing! Haha.

dublinerinDeutschland said...

Aw little girl clothes are so cute! Having a sister is great too, I'm sure they'll be friends for life :)

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