Baby #2 - Week 22

How far along: 22 and a bit weeks.

How big is baby? As heavy as a papaya or as long as an ear of corn, apparently!

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Sleep: Sleep hasn't been too bad. I'm feeling tired all the time, so I'm just going with it.

Symptoms: Feeling bloated this week, and a few nasty pimples popping out. No fun!

Best moment of this week: I booked into our hospital and filled out all the paperwork, so it feels a bit more real now. We'll skip classes this time around, but we'll still get to do a tour in the coming weeks.

Miss anything: Nope - feeling very grateful.

Movement: Still thuds way down in my pelvis, which I assume are from her feet... I reckon still breech.

Food cravings: I had my craving (chicken and mushroom sauce) for our anniversary dinner, so I'm feeling super chilled out this week. Not really feeling like much of anything, actually. Maybe some fudge.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Anything with lamb. *barf*

Gender: Girl!!

How's your mood? Still worried that something might go wrong, but trying to be positive - this week has been a little all over the place. Excited to see the weeks go by, but wishing it would go a little faster.

Looking forward to: Counting down to viability (a few more weeks to go) as well as my next OB visit in a fortnight's time. I miss the weekly appointments, haha.

The Bump: Here is this week's offering... hrmmm. I felt about the same as last week, but maybe a small pop?

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Kato Potato said...

Definitely starting to pop! You look gorgeous! Hoping these two weeks pass by fast, and then on the way to the 30s with less and less worry!

Cassie Dash said...

Look at that! I'd say you've popped for sure! You look beautiful!!

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