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Have you ever heard of Dairy Goat Formula? If you're anything like me, the answer will be 'no'.

But what I have heard from multiple mum friends and relatives, is that if you have a child with digestive issues, it can be virtually impossible to find the right formula to supplement your baby's nutritional needs.

With another little one on the way, I keenly took the opportunity to research this new product on the market. While I was able to breastfeed my daughter successfully until she turned 12 months old {and what a battle that was!} I know that each baby is different, so seeking out alternates for infant and toddler formula is just one way that I can be prepared.

What IS this product?

Oli6 is proudly Australian made and owned, dedicated to educating people about Goat's Milk Formula.

While breast is best, it's suitable for babies from birth to toddlerhood, so if you're a new Mum - or perhaps a Mum who is interested in weaning onto formula or supplementing their diet, there's a product for every stage.
  • Oli6 Dairy Goat Infant Formula - Stage 1 – From birth to 6 months
  • Oli6 Dairy Goat Follow On Formula - Stage 2 – 6 - 12 months
  • Oli6 Dairy Goat Toddler Formula - Stage 3 – 12 - 36 months 
Where can I get it?

You can sign up and order directly from their website, or alternatively can source a local chemist supplier in your area.

Why should I try it?

There are quite a few benefits that I've found that make this product worth trialling with your little one.
  • We all hear about how breastfeeding is best when possible, but there are many situations where breastfeeding does not work out, where mixed feeding becomes essential or when your breastfeeding journey comes to an end. It can often be a challenge to find the right formula to suit your baby's tummy though, which is why Goat's Milk Formula could be the answer - the natural prebiotic oligosaccharides are structurally closer breast milk than regular cow's milk. Not only that, the protein and fat found in goat's milk are less complex and easier to break down.
  • It naturally contains a variety of vitamins & minerals: Vitamin A for vision and sight (46% more than cow’s milk), Vitamin C for development and growth (37% more than cow’s milk), Magnesium for development and growth (33% more than cow’s milk) & Calcium for teeth and bones (10% more than cow’s milk)
  • It's made and produced here in Australia, and it's great to support locally owned products. This is especially important in the current market, where formula shortages are happening often. And.. they are a sustainable company, committed to reducing their carbon footprint - with all packaging being recyclable. 
  • They are currently running a $10 cashback scheme, so now is as good a time as any to try it out! 
What did I learn?

First up, I assumed that this formula would only be suitable for little ones with allergies or tummy troubles - but it's actually suitable for all infants!

I was also surprised to read about the digestive health advantages within goat's milk, and I can really see how it would be a nice, gentle transition from breastmilk for tiny bellies. Naturally occuring vitamins and minerals and prebiotics are a real bonus. Their slogan is 'The Naturally Smarter Choice' and it really does seem that way.

I'm a huge advocate for animal welfare, and Oli6 is socially committed to the well being of their goats, allowing for free roaming in paddocks - and that makes me happy.
I've definitely broadened my horizons since researching this product, and I'd love to know whether you've tried it/would be interested in trying it too.

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