Baby #2 - Week 24

How far along: We are officially in Week 24!

How big is baby? A delicious rockmelon this week... now I want to eat some rockmelon. #butnotthebaby

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Sleep: Georgia has been waking up a lot recently, and complaining that 'something scared her'. We have NO idea what, and she can't tell us - and she goes back to sleep eventually, just needs a cuddle. Needless to say, sleep has been a little broken.

Symptoms: Back aches and belly cramps, which I hope are related to growing pains and nothing more sinister.

Best moment of this week: Our pram is complete - we found the matching infant capsule/car seat to go with it, and it looks so fantastic. I can't wait to see it in action in a few months time, I love it. Also... 24 weeks!

Miss anything: I miss being able to lift Georgia comfortably, I'm struggling a bit at the moment.

Movement: After last week's lack of movement, I had a few days this week of lovely wiggles. Hoping that it continues to improve over the coming weeks.

Food cravings: Not really sure what I feel like this week, actually. I'm not too fussed.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still just the smell of cooking meat.

Gender: Girl!!

How's your mood? Excited and hopeful.

Looking forward to: The weeks ticking on! We have an OB visit tomorrow (yay!) and I really want to see what position the baby is in now; I'm still guessing breech.

The Bump: Still largely soft, but starting to firm up a wee bit.

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