24 weeks + 4 days

Baby girl is still breech - I knew it! Bum down, head up, and looking mighty comfortable in that weird position. (I feel like I can already safely assume that she is going to be stubborn like her sister, this one.)

She's also alternating between hiding her face directly into the placenta itself, or smooshed into the uterine wall, so we had no way of seeing her little face this week. Sheesh, kid. Give your mama something to work with here, won't you?

On the plus side, she's measuring almost average for dates, her heart rate is 165bpm and she is making noticeable movements during scans, even if I'm still feeling her sporadically. My OB was very reassuring today, and said that for 24+ weeks, baby is looking nice and healthy, and we just keep plugging away until she's here.

I'll see him again in a few weeks time, just after I do the 2-hour GTT. (Delightful!) I'm already anticipating to fail, but we'll tackle that hurdle when we get there. Now.... FLIP BABY. Fliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip.

Hi folks! My hand is all you get today, the rest of me is too busy being difficult. *waves* :)

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