Baby #2 - Week 21

How far along: 21 weeks & change.

How big is baby? Crunch, crunch. We're as big as a carrot now! :)

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Sleep: Oh, we are back to lots of lovely sleep this week. The only negative is that I can't sleep comfortably on my stomach now, and I'm not a great side sleeper.. gotta get used to this again.

Symptoms: A few lightning bolts to the crotch this week, and a sore belly - I think it's stretching. I also am having a lot of painless Braxton Hicks already (is that early?) particularly when I flip side to side.

Best moment of this week: A few tiny pokes, which makes me smile. I've also been tackling the spare room and I can almost see its shape for a new nursery coming along. Excited to use Georgia's things again.

Miss anything: I miss being able to get up and down quickly.. I keep forgetting, and ouch!

Movement: Slowly but (hopefully) surely! I tend to feel movement mostly at night, which seems on par for babies at this stage. Still very sporadic, but it's so nice starting to feel her.

Food cravings: I want a certain meal at a certain restaurant, and that's it: grilled chicken with mushroom sauce at Rashay's. It makes my mouth water just typing that.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Just meat cooking.

Gender: Girl!!

How's your mood? Up and down like a yo-yo! Starting to think ahead, and prepare a little more. I've also decided to dive headfirst into the baby's future room while I'm feeling good... so hopefully this makes it all feel more real.

Looking forward to: Today's OB visit (I want to see baby girl again!) and our wedding anniversary this coming Saturday. 5 years married, 14 years together, and I'm so bloody lucky to have him.

The Bump: I feel about the same as the last few weeks.

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Candace said...

Seeing your weekly bump updates makes me so happy! Congrats again sweet friend!

~Mum said...

Nice dress ��

dublinerinDeutschland said...

You look lovely in that picture! Glad you and baby are doing great

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