21 weeks + 5 days

The little lady is still breech, no movement at all from last fortnight. Frank breech, with her butt above my cervix.

I know there's still time for her to move, but man.. when my kids are stubborn, they're stubborn. From 20 weeks, G was head down and low low low and she didn't budge. Makes me think that this one might be the same, just the wrong way around!
It wouldn't worry me, except that because of my history of spontaneous labour slightly early (36+4) it would be too early to do the hard-core manual moving... so my OB warned me that we might have to have the c-section talk over the coming months.
Of course, that put me into a bit of a panic - I was so hoping for a do-over of the last birth & a c-section wasn't part of that plan. But that said, it's early, there's time (I hope!) and at the end of the day, getting this little girl here with us is what's important.
(Although her head seems a bit squished and smaller than usual in today's measurements - and a quick Google said that apparently being in the breech position can skew the results. Gah!)
Here she is sitting upright, with her butt firmly down and arms and legs wiggling around her face. Cheeky wee thing! 
Can you make out the tangle of limbs?
I suspect there will be a fair bit of googling in my future, for ways to encourage baby movement! :) 

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Kato Potato said...

Yeah, have you started any of those yoga positions and exercises that are supposed to encourage movement? My friend's got stuck breech around 32 weeks and then just stayed that way, but hopefully at 20, you still have time! Don't let her get too cosy down there. :)

Britt said...

Nora was transverse FOREVER. Everyone kept sending me to the spinning babies website. http://spinningbabies.com/learn-more/baby-positions/breech/

Maybe it will help move your stubborn girl?

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