When All Else Fails...

Seeing as though the only thoughts swirling around my head today are "RA RA RA 29 DAYS RA RA RA", "Mmm, chocolate" and "Look! Shiny!", I figure it's acceptable for me to admit defeat and post a meme for today's post. Besides you never know, you may just learn something new about me while you're here. Hoorah!

Four First Names of Crushes I Had

  1. Grant (I don't remember much of him, or hell, even what he looked like, but I do remember the crush. Ahem. It was kindergarten.)

  2. Peter (The primary school love of my life.)

  3. Jimmy (Also primary school. I was a crush whore.)

  4. Adrian (Ah, he was my next door neighbour and SO cute. Phwoar.)

Four Pieces of Clothing I Wish I Still Owned

  1. My Lee & Wrangler jeans. Who knew they'd end up cool?

  2. Silver sparkly Chuck Taylors. Why did I give them away.. why?

  3. Overalls. Long, daggy, denim overalls. Bless! I miss them!

  4. The slinky pink spaghetti strap dress I used to fit into.

Four Professions I Secretly Want to Try

  1. I want to write. (Not sure what yet, but I would love to do it.)

  2. Psychology/Counselling. (If I do one more year of uni, I am qualified.)

  3. Dogwasher. (Kirby is my hero.)

  4. Stay at home mum. (This one won't be happening for a while)

Four Musicians I’d Most Want to Go On a Date With

  1. Jason Wade from Lifehouse (And I hope he would sing to me.)

  2. John Mayer (As above)

  3. Johnny Rzeznik from the Goo Goo Dolls (I love the letter "J".)

  4. Isaac from the Fray (As above. I'm so original.)

Four Foods I’d Rather Throw Than Eat

  1. Any seafood (Fish included. Gross.)

  2. Raw tomatoes (Blech!)

  3. Strawberries (I have to be in the right mood to eat them.)

  4. Licorice (Hate, hate, hate.)

Four Things I Like to Sniff

  1. Cakes baking.

  2. Fragonard & Be Delicious perfumes.

  3. My dogs, after they've been washed.

  4. Jason. (One more month until I can sniff him again.. that sounds wrong.)

This one has been making it's way around the blogosphere, so feel free to nab it.

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kirby said...

i'm stuck on something to write... Stealing it.

Kat said...

Interesting insights. I like Memes. I am with you on hating licorice. I don't even want to get close to a person that just had some. The smell is already repulsive. It is rather gross.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

I liked this as I got to know a little more about you - and I wholeheartedly agree with John Mayer!!

Lia said...

Poor fish.

Sunno about counseling without qualifications, but writing and dogwashing are things you should just start doing and see where they take you. You've got a long plane ride coming up - take along a laptop and pretend that December/January is NaNoWriMo.

rye said...

My first crush was in first grade. His name was Andy, and I kissed him on the playground. It was absolutely scandalous!

Kristabella said...

I'm totally behind on the blog reading, but I can't believe it is only 29 days! Hoorah!

RA said...

Either my brain is not functioning or I am on a completely egotistical kick this morning (or both, I suppose), because I read that first ramble as "R.A., R.A., R.A. 29 DAYS..." rather than "RAH RAH RAH..." Good heavens.

Michelle said...

i may steal this later in the week. we shall see if i lack creativity by say wednesday. lol

and do you really hate all licorice? this is sad. i do hate the black kind though.

Kristie said...

Everything on your food list...I love! Especially tomatoes, grape tomatoes. YUM!

Laurel said...

No fish??? You crazy girl. I guess that means more for me!

nicheplayer said...

I wonder what percentage of first kisses take place on a playground.

I have a feeling we're going to see a lot of memes around these next couple weeks.

Katie said...

There is nothing better than the smell of your man, especially when you've been away from him so long!

Virginia said...

Black licorice is gross, and I would definitely throw fish too. Partly because I hate fish and partly because I think it'd just be fun to fling a fish at someone, hahaha.

Tali said...

But, but, but... tomatoes and strawberrys are both so delicious!

archi's mum said...

Wade Jackson! Grade school my best friend and I went nuts over him!!! and cakes baking ... yum!

Leslie said...

OKAY - scaaaarrrreeee! Your food list is totally just like mine! And I can only take strawberries in the height of summer for a very brief time! I'ma using this Meme!

Hana said...

I remember Adrian!!
In fact.. I read our High School "Letter Books" the other day and u rambled on about him for pages about how u were dtaing him but he would come over and play video games with ur brother.. hahaha..
Am sooo bringing those letter books with me on the 8th!

Larissa said...

I agree...denim overalls are overdue for a big comeback!

Maya said...

Love this meme! PS...how do you get 17 comments for a meme?! You're such a rockstar!

janet said...

that last one totally made me giggle!

Unnaturally Blonde said...

Love your celebrity daters, I think they are all pretty attractive! This NaBloPoMo is getting to me, today I might have to borrow this little meme!

sognatrice said...

Oh we have food issues among us; at least we wouldn't fight over what's in the fridge ;)

She Likes Purple said...

Gosh, one of my first crushes was named Peter too. Sigh.

Alexandra said...

Ooo! I would also rather throw than eat any seafood, raw tomatoes, and licorice! And Jason Wade... lovely.

P.S. I found your blog through 20SB. I'm sure you get this all the time, but it's wonderful!

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