October Photography Challenge - Day 10: Childhood Memory

Day 10: Childhood Memory: I know I've shown you some of my boxsets before, but these recent additions are most definitely a blast from the past. I remember watching some of these old 90210 episodes when I was younger, and feeling like it was all so risqué. Now, it's fun to watch it for the fashion and the cheesy lines. Good times, good times.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm grabbing my leggings, slouch socks & scrunchies: I have some serious reminiscing to do.

For more information & to check out the other participants, click on the image below, or follow the Flickr stream.

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Katie said...

I never watched 90210. Have you checked out the latest version of 90210? I've heard it's pretty good but I haven't watched it either - too many other shows I'm already committed to! haha :)

OLD GUY. said...

Great photography challenge. I was browsing One Little Acorn and there you were ;waiting for some sticky beak to drop in. What a splendid list of challenges. I NEEDED a jolt to snap me out of the doldrums and it's better LTN. Thanks.

Angela said...

Two words: Love. It. I was convinced I was going to marry Dylan.

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