October Photography Challenge - Day 21 & 22: Faceless Portrait & Hands

Oh, I have been a busy little bee lately. Work is insane {insane!}, my parents are moving house, I'm trying to keep my stuff together and not explode in frustration/nervous anticipation. It's not pretty.

Day 21: Faceless Self Portrait: Some days it is nice to not make yourself up at all. I'm pretty easygoing at the best of times, but the days where I'm home alone and can throw my hair back into a messy bun? They are the best.
Day 22: Hands: I've always wished for daintier hands. Back when I was a teenager, I would always have trouble finding rings to fit on my fingers - they're pretty large. This one time, I visited a jeweller to ask him about resizing a ring for me, and as he measured my finger he laughed, and said I had the biggest hands he'd ever seen on a woman. Um, scarred for life much? Thanks so very much for that, asshole.

I was nervous about my ring size pre-proposal, but thankfully my rings fit perfectly after an epic resizing debacle.
For more information & to check out the other participants, click on the image below, or follow the Flickr stream.

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Moose said...

Great job on this and your previous post - you are turning into a great photog! It`s inspiring me to make a bit more effort with my camera. I think I`ve found it too daunting up to this point, but now, challenge or no challenge, (I meant to sign up and then fell off the wagon,) I`m going to start taking more pics!

Fuzzy Cert said...

I think I'm going to do this challenge outside of October.
AND if you want to talk about 'scarring comments' ... it's worth mentioning that time in Paris when you told me I look like a boy when I have my hair up.
THAT was scarring. Thankyouverymuch.

Anonymous said...

I think my hands look like little kid hands, and since my fingers are so short I cannot wear my engagement ring and wedding band at the same time because then it will be up to my knuckle!

Abby - Bright Yellow World said...

I have thick hands... but still pretty small. When we went to look at engagement rings, the first jeweler we saw said, "Wow. You would be two sizes smaller, but this (pinching) part of your finger is so fat!"

Um... thanks.

Elley @ Up Above The World So High said...

LOVE your nail color in that faceless self portrait!

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