October Photography Challenge - Day 26: Close-Up

Day 26: Close-Up: This has been a pretty busy week, so I was challenged to find something lying around the house {that I hadn't already photographed!} for today's close-up. I ended up using a vase of synthetic sunflowers that I keep in our bedroom - Oscar likes to chew on the greenery, so I have to lock them away. No plants in this household.

They're slightly blurred, but I'm learning to be okay with that - I've taken to playing with manual focus rather than always using the automatic option, so it's all good practice. It's not the best shot, but it's cheerful at least.
For more information & to check out the other participants, click on the image below, or follow the Flickr stream.

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Anonymous said...

You are doing so well! I can't even begin to venture out of Automatic mode at the moment. Hopefully with all of my spare time coming up I should be able to have a go!

Kira said...

I always think about playing with manual focus but from what I've heard, even pro photogs don't use it very often because a. auto is pretty good, and b. it's hard to tell on your camera's screen whether or not your shot it in focus. You may need to use it for super close-ups when your lens doesn't have enough space to focus on its own. I've found that just taking LOTS of shots is key - at least a few will be focused the way you want!

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